Friday, December 3, 2010


It has been an exciting few weeks around the Bettis home. I found out that I got approved for surgery (IN A WEEK!!!!) and then I found out my surgery date on Monday. My gastric bypass will be on January 10th at 9 am. Taking a deep breath I realize that it is hitting me. I am actually going to be having gastric bypass. I've got a copy of the approval in hard copy that finally getting to have this surgery. It is surreal, but I am very very excited. I finally feel like it is within my grasps and now the planning has begun. There is more paperwork. Right now I'm filling out FMLA paperwork for the 2 weeks I'll be out of work. Time away forms for my department. I am also creating a manual for my Rd and my supervisors of all the stuff that needs to get done while I am gone. I am excited that I'll be gone at the beginning of the semester and there won't be a ton of things that need to happen and I am able to pre-plan for all of those. That I am happy about. Timing for the surgery would never be perfect so I am glad the office just picked for me and here I go!

For me there is a lot to be done to be organized for the surgery. All the paperwork is in order. Now I need to get all the food I'll be able to eat in the house in my own little shelf and food guide posted to the fridge for justin (as he is helping me eat and make food during this time). I also think seeing what I can eat will help keep the anxiety away when dealing with omg what do I eat which I feel like I am going to go through...yet I don't really know.

I'm comforted that there is a plan and that I will be on it. I will know a lot more in detail when I go to Vandy for pre-surgery appointment on Dec 30th. I have a lot of appointments that day but I'll be all ready to go for the surgery. I'm anxious to see how long I will be on a protein drink only liquid diet prior to surgery. Other than that I am taking it one day at a time.

I have been on the lookout for some yummy sugar free foods. I have been able to find a wonderful decaf cappuccino blends that is yummy and i could add non flavored protein too when needed. I have also found some yummy greek yogurt that is high in protein and incredibly yummy. I really like it. (thank you miss beth!) Tomorrow I'm heading out to get protein powder and start concocting blends. I have lots of recipes and we are going to start flavoring with sugar free jello and see where it takes me. If I start eating them now it will be much easier when I have to eat them. I'm extremely excited to taste the orange creamsicle.

Well as I sit here and mend myself on what I am hoping is my final campus crud sinus infection....I wait and feel the hope that is surrounding me and the good things that will come from the surgery. I will be a happy and much healthier lissa. That I am looking forward to more than anything else.

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