Monday, December 13, 2010

holding off being ocd about preparations

The days draw closer and I find my mind wandering more and more about the future. Something that it hasn't done very often in the last few years. Everything has always been ridgedly planned and there have been due dates and such, but now that warm sense of hope [that is new and yet inviting] is encompassing me and I find myself not daydreaming, but seeing a new reality at hand. I have this mental to do list that will be written down soon I'm sure of things to do such as confirm appointments, get documents and surgery binder together, packing list, and little things like that. I've made some decisions of things that I want help with and what I dont' want help with. I know I want to go shopping for post-surgery by myself. I don't know why really, I just feel like I want to take my time and not be rushed, and to make sure that I'm getting things that will comfort me and that I know will be ok instead of relying on hubs. I also know that I'm getting a new jogging suit to come home from the hospital in; I figure that if I'm starting my new life that I want to start it off in style :-). It is the little things for me.

Everything is coming in to place. I'm nesting effectively and feel much better that my home is looking more and more organized (though after this weekend with finals and sewing projects my kitchen table imploded on itself!) I've got a list of projects that will be post-surgery friendly like crocheting and loom knitting planned and a book or two that I want to read. I also am all prepared to have 2 full weeks of work completely off work with my FMLA and I won't have to worry about my students etc [ let's be honest I'll worry a bit, but I don't have to get up and check in] I will actually have time to heal.

One thing I have been researching has been absorbing homeopathic remedies for headaches etc. Since I will have a harder time absorbing pills I thought it might be smart to have a number of items on hand to help with little ailments. I have found tension/ stress relief rub on that is amazing. It is called Blue Oil and its by AVEDA. It is considered a balance concentrate and is ment for tension spots, specific pressure points, and other remedies. I have loved it so far and it smells delightful. I had tried other things like this, but this one has been my favorite next to one that Origins sells. I have to admit that the HeadOn product does also work wonders. Some people have said it is just a placebo effect, but I have found it to be helpful and will have it in my new medicinal stash.

I found out on friday all of my paperwork is complete as is either at the surgeon's office or at MTSU HR. I'm ready for leave and all is in place to take the leave at hand. I'm working on coverage for my surgical absense and working on a time away surgerical binder for those nice enough to cover me and take care of my Staff while I am away. The first week in January will be a busy busy busy one, but one that will have the "relief" of a new life.

Often WLS patients talk online about a new birthday. At first, I thought that was kind of well..odd, but now that I'm closer hubs and I really want to remember that day. I made him promise a picture or two and he was ok with a new outfit. I also have a surprise coming to me that involves a hello kitty! In all seriousness that day will begine a new chapter in my life and for my family. Excitement fills the air of anticipation. I'm ready for it to be here. First pre-op appts on Dec. 30th. The days begin to just feel like paper being pulled off on a countdown.

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