Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2 days till Pre-Op Appt

WLS surgery is just around the corner. 2 days to my pre-op appointment. 13 days and counting till the big day. nerves are creeping in a little, but I'm trying to keep them at bay. I'm getting ready to make the grocery shopping trip for post-surgery. The house is coming together with things going in their place. I'm hoping that having the house put together will make healing and getting around making it easier on me and the hubs. I have a plan in place to let everyone know that I'm ok after surgery and get info to my students, colleagues, and friends. Now I just have to find out if Daddy is going to come up and spend a day or two with me. It would be nice to have him around. Ever since I left Mom's he has been the main man in my life until I got married and has been through all the big surgeries and plans in my life. It is odd that he is the primary on this one, but Justin is doing a great job of not hiding his worry (if he does have some) and he is ready for the transition for me as well.

I'm still optimistic about the surgery and post op. I just anxious about getting there. It has been a long 7 month process and I'm ready to have my christmas present already! Funny to think this time next year I'll hopefully be 100 lbs lighter and on my way to weighing my goal weight.

Lots to do around the house for me to feel ready:
1. put up the calendar with types of food to eat
2. easy/quick reference for meals on the fridge
3. my food shelf made
4. protein and liquid intake food journal printed out
5. protein powder bought
6. bag packed for the hospital
7. got to have my toes painted ! (pretty toes are a requirement for surgery)

That is just off the top of my head. I'm just plugging along. I need to find my big list speaking of it. Since we've been off for the holidays I have not been keeping up with it and now that I'm organized in my "home office / craft room" I can't find anything. lol. typical lissa.

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