Monday, November 1, 2010

Working Out

One of the many things I am working on is working out. Don't get me wrong, I hate working out, but it is totally necessary for my lifestyle and my future. So I've started taking that task on thank you to my wii fit. I am completely out of shape and it hurts. I have made the decision to do little things in anticipation to move on to larger things. It hurts a lot to work out. I am starting to have knee and hip issues so my weight + out of shape = hurting ALOT!

I've started doing the wii fit balance and yoga routines. At first I couldn't do but a couple of minutes and basically just do the warm up, but tonight I did 3 full yoga poses and the balance exercise. I feel really good about that even though its about 10 minutes I know I have to start somewhere. It is totally embarrassing to admit that I can't work out for very long on land. My joints and my body are not used to it. I know everyone has to start somewhere, but its not my proudest moment.

This past weekend Justin and I were at Chickasaw State Park and I did a ton of walking and going up and down hill. It felt good to move and not to hurt too too bad. It felt good to breathe in the clean air and not overheat. I was glad that I was getting up and moving. I've been reading in my WLS Workout guide that the first step for people going through WLS is to just get up and get moving. Start at 5 min at a time and work your way up. Get to know your body and get to know your muscles as the book said seems hilarious, but I am becoming aware of the muscles I don't have and the ones that do work. So it is a new experience to learn how exercise feels and learning how my body responds.

I am committing to do doing two more sessions of my yoga routine this week and looking up water aerobics at the rec for something fun to do. I adore water jogging and my water routines that I've learned. My joints don't ache in the water and I truly can do a 45 min work out in the water. My hope is that the water aerobics will help me get better at the yoga! Plus yoga has a calming effect and hopefully help my anxiety as well. Here is to hoping!

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