Thursday, October 28, 2010


It seems the last few days have held nothing but paperwork. There is paperwork for everything when dealing with insurance companies and they want to obtain information the average person should not even know I'm convinced. There is a form for this that and the other and they need them all in a row for you to get you what you need. That being said I was on the phone with insurance yesterday for a good hour making sure forms were turned in and then had to call Vanderbilt to see what papers have reached them, followed by calling doctors offices to see what had been set and where and when. It is a delicate ordeal that sometimes can get complicated and frustrating, but I think i've made it through the massive dead tree stack that is now with them, the other office and copies in my surgery binder. Yes, I have a whole binder full of surgery forms, papers, and copies of everything that are needed just in case. They are scanned into my computer as well just incase I would happen to misplace the binder so I do not have to search the world over for the amount of info that is needed. November 1st is coming closer and closer and I am totally anxious these days, but its an excitement anxious. Off to send a 23 page fax to Vanderbilt!

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