Tuesday, October 26, 2010

avoiding depressive eating

One of my biggest struggles on my weight loss journey has been my ability to depressive / sad eat. I've been doing it for years and years and though in the short run I may feel better I do not feel better in the long run at all. Depressive eating is something that has been a comforting friend, but a friend that I am trying to say goodbye to. It is not my most favorite thing to admit, but "hi my name is melissa and i'm a depressive eater!" I've been working on this for awhile and now that my medicine is somewhat back to normal I am not ravishingly hungry from the new medicine and I am very grateful.

I've been kinda down in the dumps the last few days. I've been sad enough to think about just eating myself into a gorge that feels good, but I am very proud of myself that I'm not letting myself do that. Its a new change in thinking, a new change in wanting to stop this behavior, and its got me crafting and cleaning instead of eating. Which works out for my house being cleaner and christmas presents finished sooner! All a win win.

Last night I wanted to eat, but I caught my thought process and really said to myself that I didn't need all the sweets or junk food, no I was going to eat a sensible meal with lots of protein and I wont be hungry. I ate dinner and drank some sugar free hot chocolate and watch tv. It was definitely an accomplishment for me an that makes me very happy.

On the protein search front I'm obsessed with the Dannon light and fit yogurt. Its totally yummy and you can mix so much stuff in it. I found a new flavor they have just put out = blueberry! The vanilla is a favorite for mix ins, but the blueberry is totally yummy and diabetic friendly. I read that a caramel delight will also be coming out in the near future. I will have lots of friendly yogurt choices :-)

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