Monday, October 25, 2010

It feels good...

I've gotten so many mixed emotions going into WLS. It is elective surgery and it is something that I'm choosing to do., but it is also something I have to do to make me healthier, but as I've spoken about before there is a mixed review of support and non-support. Most of the people in my life haven't said anything negative, though I have had some questioning looks or the speech that if I just worked harder I would loose more weight and eat better. So its mixed, but I am totally pumped that my Dad and I have been able to kind of reconnect through my blog and through the surgery process. It feels good to have my Dad on my side and that he knows that I'm making a sound decision for my life and my health. Thanks Dad for all of your support. It means alot to me.

I'm starting to feel a difference in how I feel overall becaue I am reaching my water intake and leveling out on the food I'm eating. Its a new balance and its making me feel better. Though I still have carbs in my diet, I'm trying to be a thoughtful eater because I know this is a change in mindset first, surgery as a tool, and the post-surgery mindset. I'm looking at containers and examining protein on foods, I'm thinking how I can have foods and the ways it is prepared, and I'm also thinking how on earth am I going to be able to eat liquids for close to 6 weeks, but with my chin up I'm trying.

I'm excited to start the process of recipe trying actually. I've learned a few things from my support group online and I want to give them a whirl before I have to eat them. First to gather the recipes in my new recipe box and then onto taste testing party of 1. I'm testing Justin is cooking :-)

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