Monday, September 13, 2010

doctors, nurses, and insurance oh my!

It's a new week and a new list of doctor's appointments. I think I get to see my doctors more than my friends these days, but my eye is on the prize. Last week was the nutrionist and this week is the Sleep doctor. Even though I have no tonsils, adnoids, or uvula, they still believe I may have sleep apnea and they want to make sure that if I do have it that they can 1) treat it prior to surgery and 2) be able to control the right amount of anethesia that would go into me while they are doing the surgery. I go for my consultation this week with the sleep doctor to see if I need an overnight test in regards to my sleep apnea.

I also am in the process of booking my 2 hour psychological exam that is required prior to having gastric bypass. I'm no stranger to therapy and exams such as this, but outside of a neurological test I had two years ago, I've never had to sit through an extended multi-hour exam. I wonder what things they will be diving into during the session. Hopefully I can get it booked for the day in october I'm taking off to get alot of doc appointments done for surgery.

In addition to these appointments, I've been seeing my therapist more regular lately. I really enjoy my new therapist. She is amazing and she really is helping me process alot of things. Right now I'm working on my self-image and loving on myself. This is one of the areas in my life that I'm extremely weak on, but I am really trying to work through the issues prior to my surgery (as much as humanly possible) because I know that surgery can possibly skew self image and I may have new issues to work through. It's ironic that I'm prepping for this, but I am glad I'm being proactive. Brynda (my therapist) has me making a list of possible issues that I think may arise after surgery and I've come up with a few. One is that how will I know when people like me. I know that may sound wierd, but I've always known who my true friends were because they didn't care about my weight. I've always used my weight as a marker for that and I started to think that when I become a healthier weight, will people still like me? Will my husband be less attracted to me? Will I like myself more? Will I be able to cope with the amount of change my body will go through? These things are starting to float around in my head as we are less than 60 days to apply for surgery.

I really need to start a countdown in my office. It would be awesome to come in everyday and be able to pull a number off! I'll have to see about that.

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