Tuesday, September 21, 2010

# 3 addition & victory!

This week's objective is to add in a dissolvable multi-vitamin and it must be one that has a signifigant amount of iron in the vitamin because I will be lacking iron in my diet at the beginning stages of the gastric bypass. So I have to concentrate on dissolvable vitamins or chews that will make it into my system. I've been doing alot of research and comparing different vitamins. There is a website my nutrionist recommended called bariatric advantage and they have some amazing products that are designed to fit into my lifestyle. I purchases a "gastric bypass" sample pack today to see how I like the taste. Look at it here: https://www.bariatricadvantage.com/catalog/itemHandler?id=1920

My nutritionist had given me one of the chocolate chews and they were like eating miniature brownies, so this will be a new test for me. Good to get these things into my diet prior to surgery so there is a pattern. I have to wait for the delivery, but I am looking foward to it. For right now I'm going to add in viactiv so that I'm in a pattern until I decide what supplement will be right for me. I can't use viactiv in the long run because 1) it is not sugar free 2) it does not provide the right type of calcium and 3) does not provide enough iron.

Bariatric advantage also has multiple types of vitamins that I can order individually and in packs. They sells these at vanderbilt and I am able to get them with a prescription as well. I have to start looking around at the costs and comparing. Though I will not sacrifice taste for cost. If I have to take something everyday then I 'm going to like the way it tastes!

I confirmed this morning that Vanderbilt has all 5 years of my weight history! I'm super de dooper pumped. That is a small but huge victory and that section is completely checked off. Looking into the future my list of to do items are getting smaller:

1. Sleep Study - Sept 30th
2. Support Group - October 14th
3. Psychiatric Eval - October 18th
4. Dr. Hoffman Paperwork - Give October 18th (6 month diet paperwork)
5. Call Cynthia at Vanderbilt and give her the go ahead to apply for surgery (Nov. 1)

When I look at the list that is in the front of my binder it seemed impossible to do in 6 months, but now as it draws closer I am so excited I can burst. Justin is excited to. It is really really nice to have him support and him to be as excited. He is asking questions and getting to know more and more things and learning right along with me. I'm dreaming more and more about being healthier and losing the weight. I've even started to look at wedding dresses and not focusing on plus size gowns only. This will change my life. I can't wait for the next chapter in the journey.

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