Friday, August 6, 2010

weight check for august

Today I went to the doctors for a follow up of the cold that turned into bronchitis with my weekly side of B12. Simple appointment right, well nothing seems to be simple, but I've gotten used to this routine of working on one thing and something going out of whack. It is not what I want to have happen, but I'm keeping my chin up.

I made my weigh in for the month of august at 284! That is one more pound down and that is a great achievement especially because I was on steroids for the bronchitis this week and they make me 1) terribly hungry and 2) have a history of gaining of upwards of 10 plus pounds for being on them for as little as week, but this time I LOST WEIGHT! I am very proud of myself and keeping to eating small amounts, working the diet plan, and feeling like I'm making a difference. I had my A1C checked today as well and my A1C has improved!!! This is also good news. That means not only is the diet working, but my cholesterol meds are too and they do not have to be increased. This is also a victory after a year of struggle! It might be something small, but I'll take the victory this week.

The B12 shots have been going well and I do believe they are helping my weight loss. I have spent a good amount of time reading about it and the literature all points to good things that come with B12. I am definitely more active and feel more normal and alive versus being totally exhausted and miserable. I am starting to have some reactions when I get the shot, but my doctor things it just is the dose that I received from the pharmacy. B12 is man made and vitamins and supplements are not a science. It is worth the trouble to feel good and I know I am working towards this goal.

My blood pressure is a little high, but my anxiety is also high. This time of year brings out the worst in my anxiety with a new building, moving, and long hours. My blood pressure usually stays under control, but today it was high and my ankles are swollen. I've been given orders to take it easy and to relax. I'm taking my doctor up on that suggestion this weekend and will be staying inside, unpacking and moving boxes, and keeping my feet up when I can. My exercise for the week was moving, so I'm thinking a trip to the rec just isn't in my future at least not this weekend.

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