Tuesday, August 3, 2010

the myriad of appointments

I was sitting today reflecting on how far I have come this summer in terms of my weight loss and weight loss goals. It is funny how this time of year gets me to reflect. Maybe it is because it's training time or that new students are arriving on campus, but I am really reflective nonetheless.

I had a brief moment to look through my calendar and low and behold I see all of the appointments coming up that will be dealing with my WLS. There is sleep consultation for sleep apnea, my nutrional appointments, support group meetings, and before long I will have my required pysch eval for WLS as well. It isn't overwhelming, but so exciting. Who would of ever thought that I would be excited, but after seeing my surgeon last week I am encouraged, I am enlightened, and I'm proud to be doing this.

I've started getting more excited all the time. I've started to proudly hold my chin up and state I'm having bypass surgery! Sometimes it is hard to see people's faces and their reactions, but they will not steal this joy, this sense of hope, this knowledge that I will be healthy and free from a body tha is riddle with issues that there isn't an easy answer too. It is hard to explain all of the lifestyle changes even to my friends and family, but I want them to be educated as I am in learning what my life will be like, so there is less of a shock.

I've started making the smaller changes like no drinking out of straws, incorporating more protein into my diet ( by the way I have to thank Laurie for introducing me to quinoa = amazing! ) and also reading food labels, finding sugar content, and examining protein powders. It is a fun time, but also daunting. I won't lie these are alot of changes. It's august, and its closer to the day I can apply for my surgery date!

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