Monday, August 30, 2010

it's been a long august

This month is always hectic for me. It's the "superbowl" of residence life as I call check-in month. Between 8 hours + of training a day and opening a new building, I feel as if I would of lost my head if it had not been attached. I'm very glad that all the students have been moved in and though there are some changes coming, there won't be the change of a dead building to 330 + for quite awhile.

This month has been interesting on the diet front. I've tried to make good choices even with all the bad choices, but I have to admit once you take yourself off of grease and grossness, you can't go back. I'm sure I've gained a few lbs back and I just feel heavy and gross, but back on the diet I go today and couldn't be more excited about it. Within a week I'll be feeling much much better. It's odd that now I want to go shopping for healthy food. I just wish cookies were considered healthy food. So here I am back on the wagon. Hopefully it won't hurt too too much.

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