Thursday, September 9, 2010

1 Step Forward 1 Step Ahead

This summer has had its ups and downs with my weight. There have been soaring highs of working towards my WLS and there have been resoudning lows of bad self-esteem and gaining weight back, but even though I may be in a low there is always hope. I always feel hopeful when I'm working towards my surgery date. Over the last few months I have struggled with getting records for a weight in the year 2008. Today, I called and talked to a person that FINALLY could help me! She was faxing over my weight for 2008 to the insurance specialist today. That is a huge win for me. It was the final piece of the puzzle in getting one more item checked off on the insurance to do list.

I am also excited in spite of the topic of my appointment today: Nutrition. I'm not excited because at my regular doctors appointment yesterday I had found I gained all the weight back that I had lost this summer so 290lbs are with me again, but I haven't lost the hope like I used to I rather have decided to keep my chin up, with my husbands help, and keep my eye on the goal: to loose the weight and to keep trying. I know this is a long and life changing process and we all have set backs, it just made me feel so sad to know that the weight was back.

Today the nutritionist will be going over a lot of different things, giving me some tips to transition into the new diet I'll be on and explaining the process more effectively. I have alot of things to learn, but I'm making it :-) It is exciting to learn what my new menus will look like and how my life will change over time. I am encouraged that this will be a happy appointment with new insights and accepted that I weigh what I weigh today. Sad but true this is my reality.

I am also off to my first Weight loss support group today. It is exciting to be able to meet others going through this process. I'll update you all later.

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