Friday, July 2, 2010

Meeting My Weight Loss Surgeon

July 1st was a huge day in my life. I really would put that day in the realm of getting into TCU, getting engaged, and finding out that I had PCOS. Yesterday I met my weight loss surgeon Dr. Clement. It was by far one of the longest doctor's appointments I've ever had. I was at Vanderbilt for almost 5 hours, but it was one of the best appointments I've ever had as well. It was the first time I was at the doctors where I didn't feel that I would have to hold my blood pressure cuff as they took my bp because they had cuffs designed for me. I didn't feel squished into a chair, all of their chairs accommodated me. I didn't feel conscious about my weight and I didn't feel like there was anyone that judge me or looked at me once and said she is too fat or she has this health illness, if she would only loose the weight. It was so comfortable. Like a idealistic home for me dealing with my WLS.

Yesterday I met the weight loss team that is available to me. I met my intake nurses that will continue to monitor all of my vitals and with WLS your bmi, and a lot of other statistics that those going through this process must keep tabs on. I met my insurance specialist that works for my doctor and she gave me some of the best news of my life. My insurance will cover everything 100%. I will not have to spend a dime on this surgery or process. I met with the nutritionist that will be helping me stay on the diet I need to be and help me start making changes that I will need to make over the next 6 months to jump start my new life. I never realized that I won't be able to use a straw again and that my life will revolve around protein all the protein I can get. I also met with with Dr. Clements nurse who just made me feel so awesome about all of this.

Then I met my doctor. I will add him onto my list of angels that I've met along my health journey. Dr. Clement made me feel at ease. I knew I made the right decision when he told the group of us he was talking to that "he loves bariatric surgery, and he loves what he gets to do with bariatric surgery. this is what i do." I saw a lot of myself in that because I too love my job that way. I knew there was a connection. I also knew the facts about why I chose him. He has the lowest average of complications in the south lower than the national average by ALOT. he also is well respected, trains other surgeons, and more importantly has been doing great research. I learned alot from him yesterday at my appointment and he reaffirmed my choice to drive north to nashville for the surgery.

Leaving his office I felt like I was glowing. I'm still glowing. I don't have a wish. I have hope and Dr. Clement gave me a plan. I have to have a sleep study done and a endoscopy to make sure I don't have an espohogenial hernia that could be helping my GERD or acid reflux disease. This is part of the next step in getting me medically cleared. I also have a list of the little things I must do to move towards surgery. He didn't treat me with anything but respect and gave me a great gift. I have a plan and i'm moving on with it.

I will have to stay on my strict diet, but that is ok by me. I'm feeling good and I'm loosing weight. I weighed in at 285.9 lbs. Down from 291. That is a small success in the great amount of weight, but it brought a smile to my face. I have to make sure that I'm lowering my weight so that the fat layer they must cut through will be thin enough to do laproscopic surgery. He isn't concerned about it, but wants to keep getting thinner if possible at all.

I left with hope. I have hope. I'm excited to take this on. I'm excited to be able to wear my loose skin with pride. It is really an amazing gift. Hope. Health. Its all a blessing.

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