Monday, July 19, 2010

Next Step

Since I had my initial meeting with my surgeon, there is a list of things to be accomplished. There are support meetings to attend, procedures to be done for medical clearance, and weight to be lost! I am very proud to say that sticking to my diabetic diet has worked and since I met with Dr. Clement on July 1st I have lost almost 7 lbs. When I weighed in at the doctors last week i was 285!!! I was really really proud of myself because though the diet isn't easy I've been really working the program.

A week from today I will have my first procedure to be medically cleared for surgery. I will be having an upper endoscopy at Vanderbilt. I'm not really all that nervous about the procedure, but I am a little worried how my husband is going to be during the wait. This is the first kind of procedure that we've encountered in our marriage and I don't want him to be too scared. I'll be in good hands. It is also been a blessing to have such a good friend gone through multiple endoscopys because I know what to expect during and after. Sore throat here I come.

I'm in the midst of working to continue my diet, have been doing more exercise and getting up and moving. Who knew house work would be a great from of exercise and can really help cut those calories. Extra benefit - my house is much cleaner. The second phase has also been reached to go through the bariatric psych evaluation. I'll be doing that in September and have found a wonderful doctor who is also my new therapist. She will be working with me on my anxiety, but also will be taking the road of WLS with me as there are many changes that I will be going through. Another great referral and she is AMAZING. It is so great to click with someone who can help you be a better you.

I've started taking my B12 shots and they are helping my energy so much. I'm doing more and more and I feel a little more normal as I am not dragging all the time. It is tough that I have to get injections, but the pay off is phenomenal and I'm glad that we are addressing those issues. I've also started taking my Vitamin D supplements but haven't really felt anything different with those. Though I did learn an important lesson, those who are vitamin D difficient are more likely to burn. So a bad sunburn later I'm tanner and wiser. Who would of known!

Next on the list, sleep study. Just trying to work on when that will be taking place.

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