Wednesday, June 9, 2010

feeling accomplished

Today was definitely a win in the category towards getting closer to WLS!!!!! After a fight to get my records from Nebraska they finally arrived in the office in TN. Since I've gotten married it has taken alot to get records transfered and for people to not put them under my maiden name. This is what happened. So they had been at the doctors office for almost 5 days but they didn't know who "nabors" was! now that they are where they need to be, I can get the copies of those years of weight ranges and take them to the surgery appt.

I am still in the fight to get two doctor's notes from my doctor in Maryland. I realize that these dates are from 2005 and 2006, but I'm having a hard time getting two print outs from a computer with my weight on them. I realize I am no longer a patient, but they are my records. It is crucial that I have those papers because not only is it a step in getting closer to getting a surgery date, but it is also my records they belong to me.

I understand about getting all of my records forwarded to me. It is a very expensive endeavour that I will be taking on at the end of this year. They charge $17.50 for the first page and .75 per page after that. Sure, i have all kinds of funds sitting around to just get a binder re-printed! Wow..seriously, but in all honesty I want them all in one place. I'm hoping those documents might be intertwined with the records from Nebraska because records were forwarded. We'll just have to see when I go to the doctor on friday.

Yay for one victory!

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