Saturday, June 5, 2010

Support Groups Found

I am counting down the days until I get to meet with the surgeon and have the official process begin, but until then I am looking toward that date in celebration of little steps. These little steps may seem small to you, but there are two reasons I like the small steps 1) i can cross things off my list easily and 2) i feel as if i am still working toward the goal to keep me motivated throughout the process.

This past week I ordered my medical records to be forwarded from NE, and I also had to call my old doctor from MD so I can get a 5 year weight history. I am still waiting to see if those forms have arrived at Dr. H's office (my new doc here in the 'boro). I also started gathering all the forms and have them in one location to take to the docs on the 11th of June. My first pre-surgeon appt that will get all of the information the surgeon will need.

I've also found a local support group. Its one of the steps that the WLS Center requires of its patients to go to, but they only require it once. I'm hoping to be able to make some new friends and find people going through the same process. I actually found a good amount of them located right up the street from my house! There is one for lap banders and there is one for general WLS. I have the dates and have to look at the schedule, but I would really like to try more than one. Just to see how i fit etc. I think this will really help me start to process the changes that are coming and what i'm going through now.

Don't get me wrong, my husband is a phenomenal support system, but it is really important to have peers in this process. He totally doesn't take offense to it and really wants me to find others who will understand the process inside.

I am still looking for a great online support group. I have joined but i'm finding it to be a difficult site to navigate and really connect. It has a lot of out of date groups on it as well.

The search continues and I'm still excited!

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