Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Operation #Gettogoalweight

May 1, 2016 is the day that I took my journey back. I started my weight loss journey in 2010 prior to getting my Gastric Bypass in January of 2011. I have kept almost all of my weight off post my gastric bypass, but my weight loss surgery (WLS) is just a tool. Over the last five years I've had major life events happen that included an across country move, a new job, a divorce, a move within the state, another new job, and an engagement followed by a broken engagement and broken heart/person/spirit. Along all of my life changes I had some major health concerns along the way, but now its 2016 and I'm ready to get back to my journey to get the weight off and to reach my weight loss goal weight.

My journey hasn't been all about numbers, but numbers are part of my journey. I don't focus on the non-scale victories (NSV) like I should and no matter the context, reason, or the why its the reality that I am not at my goal weight. So where do I begin. On May 1, 2016 I start at 224.0 lbs. Where do I want to be? My end goal weight is desired to be 150-165 lbs by my bariatric doctor. I am going to first reach 200 lbs then 190 lbs then 180 lbs. I have met him in middle and set my ultimate goal weight to be 165-170 lbs. I've come really far. If you want to see where this journey began all those years ago check out It shows the very beginning through my divorce in December of 2013. Then I stopped. I couldn't find my voice, but I need my voice for ME!

How am I going to reach my goal weight? I needed to take control back into my life. Control over my environment, my food intake, my relationship with food, calorie counting, and fueling my body correctly. I chose after much thought and research to go through Medifast with the blessing of my doctors. I started the program on May 1, 2016. This is my journey to reach my goal weight and this is just part of the journey. Join me.

My current weight is 216.0 lbs. 

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