Saturday, August 3, 2013

Vacation day #9

6,7, and 8 days of vacation were spent in pain and not feeling so well. I didn't do much at all except stay in the AC and relax. Strict orders of keeping my back feeling out of pain were given to me and I tried to do what I could. This mean very little getting things done.

Today was day 9 and I'm ready to get back to work and life even though the next 6 weeks are going to be terribly busy and I know it. Saturday was good. I ended up getting in to see my doctor today as the pain from the costochondritis continues - she manipulated me and boy oh boy am I sore, but in a few days I know I will feel that stretching in a good way. It looks like for me the next 6-8 weeks will be tennis shoes, lots of stretching, and I started on a steroid dose pack today. I honestly sat and weighed whether a possible weight gain was worth it and after 4 weeks of intense pain I will be allowed to walk, watch my intake of calories, focus on portion sizes, and lets hope that the steroids don't get me ravenous hungry like they did prior to my surgery.

On the baking front days 6-8 I didn't bake anything. I did spend a fair amount of time pinterest finding some great recipes. I did try one new recipe with items I had in the house a version of banana icecream Overall I think I should of not added as much liquid it tasted like very cold baby food rather than an ice cream texture right after I made it. I put it in the freezer yesterday and we'll see how it turns out on round 2!

The most exciting thing that happened during my down time of pain meds, medicated sleep, and forced relaxation with an ice pack was my blog button!!!! I work with an amazing designer and she completed the blog button for my weekly link up Words of Wisdom Wednesdays. Here is the link in all its glory! I am excited that the link up party will go live this Wed :-)

 photo button-4_zps514dc895.png

As this has been pretty dull post, I will have to admit there are some things I'm loving right now:

1. Amazon trade in! I'm getting money back on old text books, my old kindle, old camera, and other odds and ends we aren't using any more.

2. Coupons - coupons - coupons. I'm loving Target's Cartwheel app that saved me $$$ on all kinds of items. I'm loving swagbuck coupons for giving me points toward gift cards and coupons for money off at the store. I'm also loving retailmenot, ibotta, and ebates. I got my first ebates check in the mail the other day and straight to the savings account it shall go!

3. Icy Hot Spray. Since my back is killing me this helps numbs the pain and I can put it on myself without my husband for assistance.



  1. I need to try Amazon trade in!!!! Thanks for mentioning it!!! Feel better!

    1. Tracy its amazing I'm at almost 100.00 of amazon credit just for cleaning out. I think it is an untapped tool - thank goodness I read all my junk email!