Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Vacation Day #5: Doctor Appointments & Recipe/Menu Planning

Today is doctor appointment day. I know its a glamorous vacation isn't it, but as I sit here writing from Starbucks at least I'm out of the house for the day! Had to get my teeth cleaned - check. I love my dentist so going is actually a treat after many years of hard cleanings the things I'm doing for maintenance is working in my favor (for once) - could this be luck turning around? I love it so much I'm actually going back tomorrow for teeth whitening (complimentary service) and I'm excited about it.

Getting my teeth whitened has been well a 20 year process. My mom always talked about it after getting all the massive orthodontia out of my mouth not the first but the second time and it was too expensive and never covered under my plan. I wasn't that bummed considering I was a 400 lb blob that blended in and didn't stand out (in my head) so I took it as bum moment and moved on, but when I first got this opportunity in Jan of this year I chickened out. Why would I get my teeth whitened? I'm not a person that needs to be recognized...am I recognized? Do people even look at me? Well as I've worked on me this year and realized this is my new norm that I, like the rest of the world, can make me feel good about ME! So I'm getting my teeth whitened tomorrow and am excited to do it! Why not - score on the NSV for me.

I'm also heading to the obgyn for my annual and I have a feeling this is going to be a fight. After the last year with the interactions with the Nuva Ring and the bout of RH that I dealt with for the last year and now that I'm not dealing with it - no hormones for me. I realize that I'm going to have to have the family planning talk, but in all honesty there is no need for it. I'm not going there. My husband and I along with my team of doctors all agree that hormones and me are a no go, so I really hope my OB sees the same way because no BC for me anymore. I'm glad that my body has recovered enough post surgery that I can cycle on my own even with PCOS but in all honesty, more changes aren't needed on my end and I'm already trying to deal with the regain I dealt with through the hell of the Nuvaring.

Friday I get to follow up with my bariatric doc and I'm excited to see him. Not excited about the scale # today or friday or what my blood may hold, but this is a reality. I'm kinda a mess and I'm trying my damndest to put it all back together. At least I get to see his cute frat boy face and smile when we get to talk about how odd I am. Speaking of that - need to make that follow up appt with my endocrinologist too about all this stuff. Looks like fall break will be busy with that too - oh doc appts! I don't have so many any more, but still they are tiring. I can't believe I used to see 5 to 10 a month prior to my surgery and now I complain about every few months with a different doc versus every month with the same or multiple docs. Its some thing to think about post surgery I guess.

Since I'm out today and getting things done, I will not be baking or cooking anything today accept for basic food consumption. I am going to prepare my couponing list, freebie list, make my grocery to do, and meal plan. Got to check on a few things, check the sales, clip my coupons, organize by list, and set my budget. I'm ready to save. I'm excited about this one.

Here are some of the recipes that I'll be making in August for gatherings and me and the hubs:

Pinneapple Whip: http://pinterest.com/pin/14284923790897749/

Banana and Almond Milk dessert: http://pinterest.com/pin/14284923790887232/

Banana pudding poke cake: http://pinterest.com/pin/14284923790877326/

Pumpkin cookies: http://pinterest.com/pin/14284923790822876/

Crockpot Terryaki Chicken: http://pinterest.com/pin/14284923790193068/

Quinoa Muffins : http://pinterest.com/pin/14284923790096801/

Honey Lime Shrimp: http://pinterest.com/pin/14284923789582465/

Apple Cinnamon Quinoa Bites: http://pinterest.com/pin/14284923790208003/

Pizza Quinoa: http://pinterest.com/pin/14284923790921636/

I'm excited to be focusing on protein, watching the portions, and drinking my protein shakes. Speaking of shakes you know I've misplaced not 1 but all 5 of my shakers...I don't know how I did that!

Well I'm off for the rest of my day of vacation - I've got AOII things to accomplish, reading for class that I'm teaching in the fall, and I'm going to try to finish some laundry when I head home.

Note: I learned that I way over did it yesterday and I'm paying for it dearly...note - no lifting, nothing with hands over my head, wear my tennis shoes when I'm working, and ice ice and more ice.

Here are some pics from the day so far; have a great one.

Photo: Fort Worth staple

Photo: Happiness before the dentist but I did not eat just clipped a pic

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