Friday, July 12, 2013

Headaches...I've lost count

I've had over 6 headaches this week and I can honestly say that I'm over the pain. I'm over the constant, gnawing pain and not knowing where they are coming from is just as frustrating as the headaches.

So calling the doc today and after 2 1/2 days of medicated sleep is not an option any longer. It just doesn't work with my busy lifestyle. My doctor rocks and I love that she is willing to cover all angles instead of just some meds. So here we go on a rollercoaster of options. First these type of headaches could be caused by sinus issues - I've had chronic issues my whole life with allergies and the stuff that goes along with them so this could be a solution.

Step one - nasonex yep I'm back on it more often and then try something else if nasonex doesn't help relieve some symptoms. Step two - massage and or chiropractor. I'm heading that way this week. Let's see if some good ole fashioned manipulation will be answer or relief. Step three is to look at my diet. Often times my doctor talked about gluten being a factor. I've never been gluten intolerant before, but there is often the complication of this post surgery. So it is also a factor that I need to consider.

I'm not up to changing my diet once again, but if it means that gluten less lifestyle could solve my headaches and allow me to get on with my post WLS plan that I will. I'm not counting it out at all because something has to change this constant pain and suffering on of constant headaches.

From what I've been reading there are two options for this type of headache: tension or migraine.

Tension headaches seem to describe what I have according to this article by the NIH Though I'm concerned with the clustering factor - it could turn out the headache doesn't end it just starts again. Gluten free articles have said that they can impact headaches as well but it is going to take some serious research to figure out what is going to work for me.


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