Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Stress & RH

So lately I've been on a good kick with my sugars, my eating, and getting everything in place to resemble some type of rhytmn. Then stress hit. Yep stress. I had thought this little thing called stress would kinda maybe sorta impact my RH but would it really???? Ok here is the research I did and found out yep - stress can impact my sugar. Great blog on RH and post ops here

Why this is new to me...don't know because if you were a diabetic and you get all stressed out your sugar can go up so why couldn't it work the opposite way. Well it can. I read alot of articles but there was nothing in normal human english - it was alot of doctor speak. Essentially outside stress causes stress inside the body and if you are lucky like me and have RH this can make your sugars a little more unstable.

So since this stressful situation might be with me a while I will be more vigilant in eating and what goes in my mouth and tummy!

I will be doing alot of  blood checking especially in the afternoons and in the later evenings when it seems to hit me if it is going to do so. It isn't thatbad, but I would rather not check my blood - it is an uber expensive hobby you know...the strips alone are worth a trip to the mall for 3 or 4 dresses!!!

Solution - get new meter and very thankful my Kroger has a great option with $4 dollar testing strips rather than the $30.00 co-pay for 25.

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