Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday Redo

A new day is a new challenge. It is by grace we are here and so we get the option of a redo of yesterday. Instead of beating myself up from yesterday's lack of timing on eating and sipping, I made a better plan for today during the busy time.

Today my meals were as follows:
Breakfast: protein shake - light soy chocolate with chocolate protein powder and peppermint extract
Drink: post breakfast 2 large cups of hot tea - 16 oz
Snack: handful of grapes and lowfat string cheese
Lunch: 1 tbsp of hummus, 4 carrots, and 1 heaping tbsp of pulled pork
Snack: no fat vanilla yogurt with apple crunch mix in
Drink: vitamine water zero (acai-blueberry-pmegranate is my favorite) - 16 oz
Snack (afternoon): will be an atkins protein shake (mocha latte flavor)
Dinner: left over pork fajitas with onions and peppers - no tortillas, but 1/4 cup of brown rice
Drink: tea with splenda (3 cups is my usual at night) - this will bring me to my 64 oz need
Snack (required for RH prior to bedtime) - string cheese and 1 tsp of peanut butter

Planning like this and having pre-portioned food ready to go is key for me! I need convenience so that 1) I don't cheat 2) feel like I have options and 3) can deal with my lifestyle on the go. When it comes to options I have things stored in my desk like different protein bars portioned out, some flavorings for liquids, mulitple types of hot tea and diet hot chocolate, and I always have peanut butter on hand. These give me something to "munch" if I need a chocolate fix or want something that I hadn't planned. We are human and not machines. So why not be prepared. Plus, while everyone is on the kick that "i've got to get healthy" I stock up to save money on these items I use all the time! Bonus!!!!

One more as I head off to bed.  Our puppy dog isn't feeling well.  I've got to go hug on him and it will probably at least help one of us.
Last night was the celebration of the 5 year anniversary of meeting my husband and our first kiss. It was so great to sit down and celebrate this. I know it might seem silly, but I am terribly signifigant and I like to make things special especially moments that should be celebrated. We talked about where we were at in 2008 and how we never (either of us) thought we would be here today....married...living in TX...being who we are today. We have both changed so much and all changes for the good. We make each other want to be better people in completely unique ways and not something that we do intentionally, but it is amazing to be able to remember that day we met 5 years ago. It changed my world forever!
A new friend that has come into my life told me that when I fully love how I am at this weight and what my body is that the weight will come off. Stress won't help it. I've realized over the last few months that I've been on a journey to love me. I was able to admit to Justin last night that I'm liking how my body looks in clothes. I'm noticing I have curves and a cute little butt! I like that my weight is starting to move, but that isn't the reason I'm loving myself it is because I'm accepting me. I'm shopping to dress this body. I've purged my 3Xs out of my closet and removing the fat melissa that I continued to cling to. Physically I am moving on. Mentally I'm making choices. I'm allowing myself to feel pretty, dress cute, do my hair, and embrace this body today with all the limitations it may have and be hopeful of the future.
This is a HUGE revelation for me as I've grown over the last year. I've not had this kind of body acceptance in my lifetime and for right now I am happy with just where I am...working the plan, living the dream, loving the life that I have right now.

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