Saturday, January 19, 2013

Getting out of Food Jail - Baby Steps

I talked about food jail this week and the frustration I've been feeling being stuck - bored - frustrated - and locked in to a menu of food. This weekend (since my hubby is gone) I'm taking the opportunity to explore and try some new options of foods. I'm mostly working on converting favorite recipes that have simple carbs to using complex carbs. Baking and other goods will be the easiest to try this on and I know that I can do this with trial and error just like I did when I learned to convert sugary foods to sugar free or with sugar substitutes. That wasn't fun or exciting, but it did help meet the needs that I had over the last year.

With transition comes this new need so with gusto I'm trying to make the best of it. Some of the things that I've done to prepare for this is order Atkins baking powder - not only does it have 20 grams of protein, but it is also low carb. This is going to be an easy transition when cooking Atkins based baking recipes I learn to navigate a new way of cooking. I also bought the new Atkins cook book for some recipe ideas. I really liked how it broke down protein, carbs, and other nutritional information that will allow me confidence in learning how to cook again....and not just eat 7 or 8 things! I'm excited to get it next week and though I'm not one to promote or push things - please know I'm doing what is working for me under the guidance of my nutritionist and my pcp and surgeon. This diet might not be what you have heard of or you would do, but for me it is working. If you want to try recipes I share please do, but please remember that what I'm eating I am under guidance for and not just doing to do. This diet is not the end goal to lose weight to be honest, we are controlling an extreme RH condition with pancreatic issues, so I'm working on stabilizing my RH (I just happen to be losing weight as a benefit!)

So where do I go from here? I have to invest in foods that allow me to cook from scratch. Whole wheat flour, better baking mixes, different milks, and other items that allow me to eat complex carbs rather than simple carbs. Don't get me wrong I still crave simple carbs every once in awhile, but there have been ways I can curb that with a little it of protein bar, going to cheese, yogurt, a small handful of nuts. Sometimes you want something and nothing else will break that craving. I'm real. I'm human. I'm not a super human post op - so have I had some  mashed potatoes - yep with lots of protein to compensate and only a tsp. Do I make conscious decisions to eat right - yep, but am I perfect no. It is a reality I'm learning to accept. This is a daily task for me right now.

There have been a few things come from the overall change to significantly less carbs - I don't get tempted by the candy bowl at work and man o man do we have chocolate. I know I can't eat desserts others leave behind so there isn't a temptation because I have food in my office (or my purse) that keep me eating what I need. Yes I may want it but getting sick is not an option. I don't really crave bad things but there are hormonal times when I'll eat a cracker or two or I get hungrier than normal and I increase my sweets through yogurts, apple sauce, fruits, and every once in a blue moon a hand of cereal or crunchy things, but I limit those because I feel horrible afterward. Now I know how all my friends that have a gluten allergy feel - it is just not something you want to do if you can avoid it. 

This morning I tried this recipe This changes I made were using whole wheat pancake/baking flour (i had it on hand) and used half eggs and half egg beaters. I also used almond milk with a little vanilla extract. The recipe tastes similar and it wasn't fluffy like the original recipe, but I knew it was safe. It was a little dense, but I think it is more versatile than the original. I can add a little sf syrup or some sf preserves. I'm going to see how well it heats up because a recipe like this I can make on Sunday and eat throughout the week for breakfast. I'll report back in once I know tomorrow. 

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