Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bariatric 2.0 - The 2nd Year Annual Appointment

I've been officially 2 years post- op RNY for 20 days! That is 751 days as a WLS patient and living a lifestyle that is completely unique. This year I had to change surgeons that would follow me. I am uber sad to leave Vanderbilt in Nashville and the amazing doctor I had Dr. Ronald Clements and the fantastic bariatric team, but a quick trip to see my doc isn't a tank of gas it would of been getting pretty expensive in the commuting department, I am blessed to have Dr. Clements help me find a great doctor in TX to take up where he left off.

On Monday, I had my 2 year appointment with Dr. Chad Carlton. It was a great appointment. I felt comfortable, he put me at ease through the transition and he really listened to me. I can see why Dr. Clements would choose him and also as an added bonus - he is pretty easy on the eyes! LOL *blush* he is total southern frat boy and I love it! He has a huge philospophy of listening to the patient and hearing their concerns because WE know our body the best.

I was worred about being berated for gaining some weight with my RH, but yet he understood and had seen patients with RH before. He works with my nutritionist and was happy to see since we made the diet change I'm down 4 lbs already and back to working out with little to no sugar issues. He would like me to follow up with an endocronologist with the RH and I am gladly going to do that. Dr. Carlton wants to take the whole body approach and see if he can assist in getting my last 20 lbs gone! I had a concern that he wouldn't like my goal weight of 170 but he totally agreed that having me between 160-170 is ideal for my body. Now know BMI isn't and easy conversion and that each journey is unique my body is my body and there are alot of factors that allow my doctors and I to figure out where I want to be and a healthy BMI.

So my to do list with Dr. C is going to be the following:
1. meet with endocronologist - see what we can do to help with RH
2. continue to work out and keep at it
3. meet with Nicole in about a month to shave some additional calories off the food plan without messing with sugar
4. add a new supplement called THIAA by bariatic advantage that is for bariatric patients to fight fat and burn fat all day long
5. start documenting my skin for my legs and stomach - he wants to take on BCBS!

I've made some big changes. Here are the comparisons from my one year post op celebration

1. My ring size has gone from 11 3/4 to 7 1/2 (my wedding ring and I see Jared's a lot for fitting!)
2. My pants have gone from a 28W to a L-XL depending on the pants or a size 14
3. I now wear L-XL tops
4. I no longer wear wide shoes, and I've gone from a 9W to a 8 regular
5. I am no longer a diabetic at all!
6. I can sit in seats and fit without needing to squish in - I can sit in an airplane seat without a seat belt extended

2 year post op celebration
1. My ring size is now between a 6 and 6 1/2 for my wedding ring and I can wear normal rings that are average sized easily
2. My pants are concistently 14-16 depending on the cut due to my excess skin (i take in all of the legs so they aren't so wide legged) if I'm in leggings i'm in a normal XL or L
3. I wear L tops and only XL sweatshirts if I want a little baggy
4. My shoe size is now 7 1/2 to 8 concistently and have been for over 9 months
5. No asthma, no diabetes, no high blood pressure, and normal chloesterol!!!!

I had 31 tubes of blood taken on Monday and now I patiently await for the scores. I really hope I'm absorbing right and that all is fine. We are going to look into my Vitamin D3 because it has been low before, but I'm good about my vitamins and supplements and overall it should be nice to see the hard work I am doing show off. I also know that if i'm not absorbing it means changing supplements, but the compliance is there and that is the most important thing! Hopefully I will know by the end of the week, fingers crossed.

I really want to post 2 year post op pics, but I have some fun ideas and need a friend to help me with them so they are still post poned, but I can tell you I'm not recognizing myself anymore!

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  1. When you see it all in black and white it's absolutely amazing all the changes that you have gone through! The sheer loss of sizes is mind blowing to me! Congrats on all of the things you have accomplished and all the things that are to come!

    It's time to spread your wings and fly now, so enjoy it!