Thursday, December 6, 2012

WLSFA LoneStar Chapter

I'm so excited about the growth that I've seen in over the last month since this dream of starting a TX Chapter of the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America (WLSFA) is becoming a reality. I am so excited about our facebook group page that is active, WLS patients are making personal connections, and we are starting to form a bond as a larger group. There is a still alot of planning to do, but so far we have designed a logo for our chapter, established a leadership circle, I've been able to find an amazing co-leader, and I have sketched out a plan to see us grow by metro regions and hopefully into one of the largest chapters in the US! What a dream it would be for to help start something to assist those in need to receive a grant of the gift of WLS.

There is still alot to be done. We haven't been announced officially as we wait for the paperwork to be finished, but I'm assured that will come soon. We need to start talking to support groups and get the word out about WLSFA and we need to find dedicated surgeons and surgeon teams to be able to donate the life saving surgery and follow up for these patients. As we wait to get these things in place we also need to fundraise to help fund local grants! I'm super excited about this too because I love to fundraise and WLS is close to my heart.

It all started with a poll and now we have a set of ideas that our chapter is going to start with. Our first fundraiser is actually through one of our WLS sisters! She is scentsy consultant and has offered to donate any commission of these specific parties. How cool is that! So I thought I would share with my readers and friends, just in case you need something for a quick gift or yourself and who can beat a yummy smell good home!

The direct link to the Scentsy fundraiser is

The direct linke to the Grace Adele fundasier (Scentsy sister company that sells purses!) is

If you are interested in learning more about the WLFSA go to the web and read over what they do for people pre and post op.

If you are interested in joining the Lonestar State Chapter check out our facebook page (if you aren't in Tx let me know I can direct you our other chapters!)

In May there will be the 2013 Meet and Greet with the WLSFA and Carnie Wilson will be there!!!!



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  1. Yay! Glad you made the gingerbread and I even more glad everyone loved it! It's so gooood!