Saturday, December 1, 2012

Procrastinating Like an Undergrad - SQUIRREL

I'm procrastinating like a true undergrad with a term paper that is due Tuesday and yes, I'm sitting here in my dining room, crafting, blogging, sipping hot tea, and working on the outline...15 pages and haven't written but the title. Go me! So while I am procrastinating, thought why not blog a bit - this is my world right? Besides my hubs is asleep and the AC is on in December in TX nothing seems normal tonight.

I made it through 3 days back to work. It wasn't the best week, but it wasn't the worse. One a positive note there wasn't a huge sugar drop so success = yes! Friday afternoon I met Nicole. I was nervous, scared, and determined to come out with answers since this has been a fact finding mission. We went through my diet changes of the week and talked about how I felt. I've been eating low carb and high protein with an emphasis on low, light, and lean with an emphasis on portion control and eating often. Nicole was totally okay with the changes my doctor made and even though this isn't normal with bariatric patients - my RH is not being normal.

So we've changed focus on the diet. I've gone from no tracking at all to tracking foods, sugars, and times of eating. I've gone from adding good carbs to limiting carbs and if I do eat them they MUST be whole wheat and they HAVE to be eaten with a protein with me eating protein first. Even with whole wheats I'm to limited them because they are not making me feel good and aren't helping with sugar stabilization. My body must enjoy the no carbs, but protein is a focus so protein, protein, protein and back to the gym I go.

The goal of the next few weeks is to try to establish a pattern if there is any and to work on making me feel stable again. I meet with my Dr on Monday and she has some new options on this as well after consulting with a specialist, but we all agree Lissa will be committing to low carb high protein until further notice. It is a little challenging to re-think food again, but I'll make it through the frustration. Tonight we went to BBWs for wings. I thought how can I not eat wings with at least a few fries, but I did it. I found the substitute of carrots and celery with a tiny bit of ranch to be fulfilling because of the crunch - I'm empowered...because I think I can substitute that a lot more in my life. I also picked up some hummus at Sam's club and I love them because they are individual tubs. Hello snack time.

In the love of spirit of the holiday season and after feeling frustrated that I wasn't being holiday productive enough and realizing a few things talking to the hubs - I'm not going to stress out because the holidays are what we make of it! I'm not going allow the "50's housewife perfection holiday beast" to come out and ruin the beautiful fact that I'm in my favorite place with my bf and getting to celebrate the season with my love...this is to be cherished. I'm not perfect...we aren't...the Bettis' will have an awesome holiday!

I found a neat picture a day idea on Pinterest and I thought I didn't get my advent calendar complete and was bummed, but I can still do something everyday to celebrate the holiday so on my Facebook I'll be participating and posting here throughout as well.

Day one is lights - so I am celebrating the lights on my beautiful Christmas tree that makes me very happy

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