Sunday, December 2, 2012

Feeling Good Today

I am feeling good today and by good I mean when I woke up this morning I felt amazing. I felt more like myself that I had in a very very long while. The last two or so weeks haven't been the best so waking up feeling like I could actually tackle something was great. I got to work this morning and busted my list to pieces, this is what I posted on my Facebook "Lots to do today - so I got up and started to check off my list (being active doesn't mean I have to running around a track) - 1) got my kitchen cleaned with floors 2) empty fridge and emptied and ran the dishwasher 3) filled our meds for the week day and night vitamins 4) took the trash out 5) made list for store this afternoon 6) made breakfast and prepped for 2 meals 7)cleaned and febreezed t
he kitchen rugs and 8) fixed my kitchen mantel for the holidays oh and 9) got a present wrapped and set up the mail package for the give away! That was alot...and it is only 10:30 am! I'm off to outline my paper, get ready to head out to Dallas with my AOII sisters for our founder's day celebration! Today is going to be an awesome day"

I was either going to do it or not get anything done so I did it...ALL then headed off to Dallas for my first Founder's Day celebration with my AOII sisters which was so amazing. I met some great women from the Dallas Alumni Chapter and made some new connections. This makes me even more excited to put things on the calendar for the Spring, the cookie swap coming up, and to learn more about AOII. It was nice to head out and have such a wonderful lunch and reflect on four amazing women that started a Fraternity that is so unique in its history of 116 years.

On the way home I stopped and got the majority of shopping done at Aldi. I literally saw it on the road headed home and was like I have to go anyway! So here I was shopping away and then headed home. I cut up veggies to freeze both squash and green peppers. Put dinner on which was a spin on my stuffed pepper soup. I used fresh green peppers and added ground sausage instead of ground beef. I have some quinoa on hand to add to the leftovers to pump up the protein. So snack then I knew it - I energy and felt blah. I ended up having to take a nap - which wasn't the best idea of getting things down today but alas I have to keep my body in take. So here I am waking up, had a late dinner/snack and I'm sitting with my tea blogging and getting ready to type out this paper - whatever comes out...comes out. I'm not going to stress because I'm already stressed out and I don't know why. A little medicine to fix that and then off to being as productive as I can be. I just wish I had gotten laundry done hahahah - ok I'm pushing myself a little too hard and I kind of knew that would happen after all I felt better right?

Day 2 is Decorations - I chose my mantel with my fancy new initial B that I made for the holiday!

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