Monday, December 3, 2012

I've Still Got It...Nerves

Ever had one of those days that is almost a melt down but not quite and you know that if you don't pay close attention to it - the snowball of anxiety and life will fall...that is my Monday. There is a lot going on around here and instead of focusing on the negative I'm going to focus on the positive of getting things done and feeling accomplished no matter what is thrown at me.

I know I've still got it when:
* depsite the procrastination and lack of time - I can sit down and pump out a term paper...not the ideal but I've still got it
* no matter what financial stress is going on - I can sit down with my hubby and know we are better off than last year and the I've still got HOPE
* I am able to work with students who are stressed out beyond belief and not absorb their stress - yep this is a hard one but I've got it
* I am able to pay forward in life and I'm so thankful that so many people have helped me get here today...where I am...I've still got LOVE
* love crossing off my to do list and I'm a multi-tasker - yep still got it!

I'm heading into a my doctor's office appointment this afternoon and I really don't know what they are going to tell me with this mystery RH so I'm nervous...ok more than nervous. I'm stressed beyond belief! I think it is just fear of the unkown despite being armed with the knowledge I have right now...knowing that this could be the answer is exciting, nerve racking, scary....the unknown is not anxiety friendly. Between this and my procrastination - I'm realizing I'm running into a terribly busy week and I'm praying that it will all turn out (fingers crossed) I haven't been this busy in a long time and there are 2 things that happen: 1) sugar goes awry and 2) anxiety kicks my butt so I'm hoping that I am able to balance and be ok. Just be ok...there is good stuff happening that I want to go to and I don't want anxiety or sugar to be the item that keeps me from loving life right now.

So no more negative here is some positive:

Christmas Card Swap

Since we are not doing Christmas cards this year, I decided to join this swap to be crafty and also enjoy the holiday. This has also been in addition to the WLS card swap I've been able to participate in which has been a joy to my heart. The last few weeks while I've been home sick with my RH I've had the opportunity to create small "gift" reminders for each of my WLS sisters and write them holiday cards. Sometimes that is all I could do so it has been a blessing to be able to send others mail and hope they enjoy it.

Don't worry we are still doing a holiday letter, but I went more digital this year and thought why not email and facebook it rather than stamping away! Besides - it is different and we all need a little different now and then.

Ok off to the docs...will report in after.

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