Wednesday, October 17, 2012

TCU Craft Fair

Today is the day for the big reveal. I've never done anything like this and if you told me that I would be doing a craft fair after opening my etsy shop I wouldn't have believed you, but here I am and here is the big day! I will have a table at the TCU Community Farmers Market. There are over 25 vending tables and I'm a little bit - NO I'm alot a bit nervous.

Love Your Letters has turned into something that has truly become a passion and gives me purpose in a different way. I am so honored to be able to display my craft, but also very scared to put myself out there. It is something very new to me. I've always been craft, but never have I been the one to sell things and forget about a craft fair, but I'm putting myself out there to do this. I'm nervous, but excited. I hope people stop by my table!

Check out my Etsy shop below ( I hope you enjoy the tour!)

For the next month I'll be running a coupon for the Etsy shop in honor of my first craft fair.

Take advantage of a 10% off coupon when you order online.

Enter the Coupon Code TCUCRAFTFAIR12

(this code is good until November 17th!)

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