Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Confessions #3

1. I officially must have become my mother because I confess that I love that my kitchen is clean and organized. There is something about a clean sink, no dishes, dishwasher full (being cleaned) or empty (so it can be filled) with my my counters organized, cleaned and disinfected, and my stove top spotless. I was never this way prior to being married, but between the busy week with 2 of us in school, work, and you know life - my kitchen needs to be zen. 

2. The best quick kitchen floor cleaner are clorox wipes! I haven't gotten the swiffer wet for the new apt and we left ours back in TN back in December so at the confession of a co-worker that she does this I tried it - you know for those days where you don't want to be down on your hands and knees scrubbing. It's awesome voila'! Do it!

3. I kind of enjoy finding ways to get stains and smells out of things....omg this post should be sent to my mother! She is the queen of the "concoction" that will remove any stain and if your towels smell....toilet...bathroom...or dishwasher. She has an answer. Her tip fixed my disposal this morning! 1 cup of ice cubes, cut up a lemon, put on the disposal. Follow up with a 1/4 cup of baking soda and water. Run for 5 seconds. Let it sit for 10 min. Add a 1 cup of vinegar. Watch it foam. Run it for 5 to 10 seconds. No more smelly disposal. Now for that smell that is no so fresh in the dishwasher!

4. I hate cleaning the toilet. Yes it is my least favorite chore - so it is hubs designated chore. Especially since I got married...just can't handle it!

5. I don't actually think of myself as a good housewife when it comes to cleaning and keeping a good kept home, but I guess I do like to at least be organized for the week. Confession - maybe I am turning into a good housekeeper though you wouldn't know looking at the tornado that is my apt this week from living room to bathroom to bedroom - except the kitchen. It is zen, disinfected, and clean!



  1. I do the clorox wipe thing too! It works for a quick fix!

  2. Love Clorox wipes! And love the smell!! I am OCD when it comes to my kitchen but not so much the living room or bedroom. Haha I love going to bed knowing my kitchen is clean, probably cause I enjoy cooking and such

  3. Oh, gosh.. I love having a clean kitchen, but I hate the process of getting there. Cleaning in general is just no fun at all.

    Thanks for linking up, sorry I'm just now visiting.