Monday, September 17, 2012

Manic Monday

This weekend was amazing and it made this Manic Monday a little easier to bear. I literally spent the weekend at home with my husband, did laundry, organized my house, hung pictures on the wall, baked, cooked yummy meals, threw out some thing, and did those manual chores I hate so much like fold clothes, take out the trash, and sleep - and watch football! I really needed a weekend to be just be with my super cute husband and it was so nice to be able to just be together and be homebodies we love to be. I think we are secretly introverted together for weekends and it was nice enough in TX to rain to help keep us in!

Today was a Manic Monday. I swear I got to work and before I knew it - it was lunch! Then I looked down and 16 or so graduation intents later and it was 4 pm. I worked through lunch due to a project that seems to be taking over my life, figured out the new power point for our Admissions program (which is awesome, sleek, and very updated), and then crossed off 14 out of 15 things I wanted to get done today! I was productive yes yes I was because this week is busy. Tomorrow night I have class, and then Wed through Friday will be a blur with 2 lunches to go to, 2 big Neeley School events, and 2 after school functions I'm going to relish in my weekend that is 4 days away, but for now let's talk about decision making.

Even post WLS I doubt myself. I doubt that I'm not thin enough or haven't lost enough weight. I doubt that I'm not skinny like I should be etc and sometimes this negativity makes me think that I can't do things that I've dreamed of hence where my 31 things for the 31st year came about. I wanted to push myself and I wanted to do things outside of my comfort zone! This weekend I started my etsy shop. I pushed myself out there to put my crafts out to the world and see if there is a market for them. I love to make things for people and for me I'm concentrating on college items and right now specifically map letters. I'm pretty excited to say that I've already gotten an email and I've gotten some positive payback. I've never been so scared, but I did it! Maybe I'll be able to bring some smiles to others and make some extra cash too, but more importantly I had to do this for me because I've been told forever to do this so check! Then today like a moment from heaven - a friend at work emailed me to do a craft fair they have coming up in October. I took the risk and thought I'll take a few sets of my TCU letters and see how I do. If I sell great...if I sell out better...or maybe there will be orders! Who knows!?!?!??! I'm excited to do this. If you want to check out my shop here is the link

So I have to stop doubting myself and trust myself and my gifts that I can do things I want to do and put my mind to it. That is how I'm viewing the Walk for Obesity! I'm very excited to say that the team that I'm walking with has raised the 5,000 goal we set for ourselves and that I got to contribute to that. I'm also so proud that we are by far the team to beat as no other team is as close to us! Yay for Bariatric Bad Girls! make my shirt for the walk. I'm not going to doubt myself because I look at my fit bit daily and know that I walk over 8000 steps a day and some days over 12000 I walk a 5K every day! I can do this. I might not make it in an award winning time, but I will walk. I will finish. I will smile. I will accomplish a goal I never thought possible.

I did want to share with you my find of the day. I love tea. I love caffeine free tea. I love tea with no calories. I love liquid that doesn't taste blah - so here my friends is my new love (2nd to my super cute husband and my stuffed hello kitty)...Vanilla Apple Hibiscus Tea. It's good hot. It's totally yummy cold. It makes in-taking liquid try it if you can find it - check it out here

Okay now on to recipes...I made a few things this weekend one of them being pumpkin spice muffins. OMG they were moist, delicious, and WOW. They were gone in a hot second at work. So here is the recipe.

1 box of spice caked mix
1 12 oz can of pureed pumpkin
1 tsp of cinnamon
1.5 tsp of pumpkin pie spice
1 tsp of vanilla extract

Mix it all up in a mixer and bake according to cupcake directions on the box. This made 15 good size muffins. They were good heated up afterwards or even cold. Super yummy!

Ok and that is my manic monday recap. Hope you had a great day! I'm off to relax, read, and get ready to watch some new shows.

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