Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Finding Balance #7 - 2 S's: School & Sleep

When I look back at my life even in my youth - school grounded me. Some people find peace on the basketball court or soccer field even a dance floor or a ballet bar, but for me it has been learning. I love to learn! I enjoy digging into a topic, reading, researching, and using my google skills. There is something about adding knowledge to my bank that is exciting for me.

Now I am fully aware that this makes me an uber nerd. I'm over it and have accepted it a long long time ago. Heck two of my top 5 strengths from strengths quest are learner and input. I love facts. I love knowledge...I'm a nerd. I embraced this with pride in my collegiate years and now that I'm 31 I'm still in school by choice. I've obtained a BA in Poltical Science and a MA Ed in Higher Education. I've started an Ed D in Higher Education (PHD of the Educational world) and am currently taking a break. I'm worn out...learning stop becoming fun and it was painful. I've also learned that I need to be in class and not online. So I've taken up some new school - I'm taking school for fun at TCU. I'm in the Masters in Liberal Arts program and taking classes that are intriguing, interesting, fun, and make me excited to go to class, read, write, and learn. It has been quite a while since I've felt that way and I love it.

When I set out to figure out where I wanted to go next in my life, school was on my list. Would I pursue and finish my doctorate at the speed of light or what! Well what is here. I'm taking a semester or two to figure it out and I feel grounded. There is something about being in a classroom learning, discussing, debating, and hearing new ideas. I'm invigorated in a new way and feel so good about it. I'm at peace. This peace hasn't filled me in a very long while and I'm enjoying that. So for right now there is balance in school.

Sleep - it has eluded me for weeks. This summer has been insomnia hell let me tell you. After my brain chemicals got messed up from a medicine change there was no turning back and sleep well it wasn't happening. If you've never had insomnia you are blessed. Insomnia and the lack of sleep SUCKS. It impacts everything and I felt useless, depressed, overworked, exhuasted, irritable, and burden. I couldn't do anything and it took everything I had to go to work, drink caffine, and drive home. I was a living zombie and was not happy at all, but alas I HAVE FOUND THE ANSWER TO :

The answer has been a new medication! Dr. S is amazing and we tried something on a whim that works :-) I'm taking a 1 mg yes you read that 1 just 1 mg and I'm sleeping all night, not waking up, not dreaming horrible nightmares, not letting my brain run for days...I'm sleeping. It has been officially a week and 2 days of full nights sleep. I take my meds at 9:45pm and get right into bed because I'm asleep within 5-8 min. I wake up at 6:45 am and voila' I'm rested. This has changed my life - no lie! Sleep is good and that is my update.

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