Friday, July 13, 2012

Just Because Fridays: Favorite Smells

Aunie Sauce

I am very smell oriented and have been all my life. I love the fact that a scent (just like music) can pull you back to a happy memory, a moment in time, happiness or is a very powerful friend. I also enjoy good smells so around our abode we are smell concious - now this plays out in my super cute husband loving bath and body works, candles, and lotions as much or more as I do. He is very particular about laundry soap seriously we've spent at least a half an hour in the walmart smelling different soaps and softeners. It is pretty hilarious, but I love him!

This was the cologne that my Dad wore while I was growing up. One sniff of it on anyone else and it made me think of my Daddy especially when he wasn't around alot in my younger days.

Oh the life of pre-teen and early years....ironically this is one of the few perfumes
I can still wear today and I do!

Peppermint = trips to Pizza Hut in highschool with Dad

Nail polish smell though not pleasant always makes me feel pretty...I <3 getting my nails done

My super cute husband smells YUMMY wearing first reminder of him was tommy sprayed onto a sweatshirt he let me borrow that I've still not given back 3.5 years later!


  1. I love smelling stuff too! My best friend used to wear Juicy Couture perfume that I bought for her and it totally reminds me of her!!
    <3 Sam

  2. I used to love to wear Exclamation perfume in my teen years! It was one of the few my mother would let me wear. I usually wore it on "date" nights when I went out with friends. Love's Baby Soft and Navy were the other two fragrances that frequently were on my vanity! =)