Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Successfully Counting Calories

Yesterday was a HUGE success for me! I ate within my calorie goal and felt full, energy filled, and didn't run after my sugar. I was under my calorie goal by 13 calories for the day, drank 59 oz of liquid, and even had a piece of cake at work. I'm really really proud of myself! I know this is the first step in getting this next chunk of weight off and kick starting losing again. It is also the step in the right direction with fixing my reactive hypoglycemia ( you can read more about that here ).

As I go through this journey of being a reactive hypoglycemic is figuring out what my body needs to keep my sugar normal. This has been an up and down week. Some days I've won and some days I've lost, but I'm trying to figure out what I need trial and error wise. Yesterday was a good day!

You are probably wondering - woah that is alot of snacks! Honestly not really outside of the cake :-) I have found that I need to eat breakfast and eat something around 2.5 to 3 hours later to keep my sugar up or it drops by normal 80-90 to 40 or below. So I eat something with protein and hit a fruit or I eat something with protein and little bit of a carb especially when my sugar runs really low like it did last night hence the 10 tortilla chips. It has been an interesting up and down but something I'm learning. Today I planned a little better on the snack end and am muching on oranges and my greek yogurt with click mocha mixed in (a little bitter so i added a packet of sweet and low = YUMMY) I had half the yogurt this morning and will finish it off this afternoon and that adds more protein overall making my protein for yogurt snack 21.5 grams of protein. Alot of protein for the bang of the snack.

You will notice that there are no exercise points. I'm sucking in that area. It is now 100 + degrees in TX and I'm not wanting to walk outside and my pool at the apt is broken so no swimming for me. I've got to get moving and there isn't time for more excuses so I have to figure this out! Since I'm off on vacation next week I'm going to try some videos and tapes and see what I can get into to start a routine. Now if only I could find an app for vitamins!


  1. You know I should probably go get checked b/c I think I might suffer from RH too! I, like you have to eat every 2-3 hours or I crash hardcore..

  2. Suggestion for exercising without having to go outside....if you still have a Wii, try some of the games on it. Especially the ones for fitness. Those should help. Also, a beginners yoga or pilates video will help to keep you active and engage your core muscles to strengthen without being super high impact. =)

  3. @sispsandsteps next time you talk to your doc ask about RH - I didn't realize how common it is for us and it is definitely something to watch out for. I wish I had asked sooner because it presented like an anxiety attack for me with tunnel vision, shaking, and nervousness and the crash was like an after attack for me. i'm so glad i'm in the know now and working on fixing it!

    @noxluna13 - i'm totally getting ready to hook up the wii and i'm thinking about getting some stuff to do at night before bed. i like to exercise before i sleep and i think you are right with the fitness tapes. i might even look online to find some you tubes or some work outs i can print out! great tips!