Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hormones, Construction, and Homework

This week is one for the record books. It is the first week of orientation, there is huge construction in our office with windows and a ton of noise, and my hormones are all over = me a mess! Thankfully I have some great anxiety meds that help with hormones, but honestly I just don't feel like myself. I'm trying to keep at the workload that is in front of me, but when I go home after a brutal day of orientation that last thing I want to do is homework which makes lunch time paper writing time and home time = nap time. I'm so worn out mentally that writing a paper just feels daunting, but I'm determined to make it through this class and get a good grade so I keep it up!

I am thankful that they are almost done with the construction today. I am thankful that this weekend will be relaxing ahead an I'm thankful that I'm at least working on a paper that I'm interested in - it does make paper writing go faster. All to be Dr. B!!!!

Today is one of those days that feels like it will go on forever. My morning was packed with change of major consults in the advising office and when I got to lunch I wanted to do anything that didn't relate to work! So I am blogging :-) I'm also keeping on my new eating habits. Today I had a great yummy oatmeal breakfast "cookie" for breakfast accompanied by my chai latte in the keurig times 2 - yes I need caffine or these freshman will run me over! Snack this morning was fresh broccoli dipped in raspberry vinegarette dressing, and lunch was my chicken salad recipe #2 on a thin bagel. I'm full and feeling satisfied. I've got some snacks for this afternoon (yummy PB thin cookies = high in protein) and I'm about to run and get some liquid for me to intake too! Tonight I'll be eating later than usual due to orientation dinner, so I packed a little bit extra chicken salad if I need a protein boost this afternoon. Sounds like a plan!

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