Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Chat with the Dietician

I moved away from my surgeon and dietician when I moved to TX in December, but I'm so happy that the group I have at Vanderbilt in Nashville are willing and moer than happy to talk, email, and communicate with me about my progress. I've been having some rough times lately and some things I can't explain. I haven't fallen off the wagon, but I think there is more that I could be doing and I don't want to give up when I'm so close to being at a point where I'm managing day to day and feeling like I'm in control, but I also need some answers to some questions.

My dietician is going to call me at today and we are going to go over this and maybe more:
1. What is a target amount of calories should I be aiming for daily?
2. How do I prevent this sugar drop and my blood sugar bottoming out without relying on carbs?
3. I'm at a plateau - is there anything I can do to change up my diet to help burn more calories?
4. Are there any foods I should add? Any foods should I avoid?
5. I'm going to go over the way I eat (splitting meals into two to eat more often) etc.
6. I also want to ask her about why my body might now process low fat cheese well...i'm good with dairy overall it is just low fat cheese that doesn't do well. I don't want to eliminate cheese
7. any ways to add fiber to the diet to avoid constipation - i'm over oatmeal!

I'm hoping this might solve the energy loss I'm feeling in the afternoon. My levels are good over all and I'm absorbing well - so those aren't an issue. That is why I'm thinking it might be low sugar issues. On the positive side I can tell her I get all my liquid everyday, I'm feeling good, processing things well and besides this tired patch feel ok about my eating even the fact that I recognize when I might get the urge to eat emotionally and can either deal with it or embrace the fact that hey this food is connected to my brain not any source of hunger! Go figure! That is a HUGE HUGE accomplishment no matter where you are on your WLS journey.

Today I'm feeling kind of queesy. I've been having some chiropractic issues with the shift in weight so I've been sore alot. My tummy doesn't like high doses of tylenol and I'm feeling it today. Overall I'm blah so I'm not terribly hungry, but I did eat a yummy breakfast (love this yogurt below) - I'm particular about my greek yogurt and I love love LOVE oikos by dannon. The Key Lime flavor is my absolute go to and it is the only one out there I can eat on its own with no doctoring. This was my breakfast...yum yum. I'm thinking about trying to make a key lime pie with it or a key lime cheescake thing ....need to research asap.

I'm currently under the gun for a literature review due this week for my class I'm taking - GO GO Doctoral student GO!...on a side note I adore literature reviews - no seriously!

Orientation has me going crazy - so yesterday at schedule / registration I played the Harvard Boys Call Me Maybe video from youtube :-) Made everyone laugh. If you haven't seen it - watch it HERE

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