Monday, May 28, 2012

Cleaning out the Closet

My closet is overflowing with XXL, 3XL shirts, pants that are too big and a ton of items that just don't fit. I talked about getting to re-organizing my closet and getting rid of the past via my clothes. It always takes me a while to do this not because it physically takes some time in trying on clothes etc, but because it is emotionally hard for me to do. This will be the 2nd big overhaul to my closet, but I just haven't been able to let go until today. I just did it. I took the time this morning to go through clothes,  try them on, and pitch them. If my outfits didn't fit right or make me feel great = gone. I got rid of my old bras (i'm holding on to them for a specific purpose - wait to check out my post tomorrow). I got rid of all my old panties so no more "diaper butt" for me and holding on to them didn't make sense. I did keep a pair for my surgery outfit to show the change over time. I got rid of old t-shirts, 3XL shirts, old pants, even old shoes that were stretched out and not comfy to my new smaller feet.

Though I get that tinge of regret when throwing them away and feel like I'm not going to have any clothes, I know it is ok to let go of the old me that lived in those clothes. There is no need to keep a 3XL shirt or pants because I'm in a size 14/16 and size L doesn't make sense does it? Nope, but that is part of the brain catching up to me. I feel good that my closet is a little lighter and I can make it even lighter, but one step at a time for me. Getting rid of the too big items was emotionally enough for me today! Happy Memorial Day.

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