Wednesday, May 2, 2012

5K Training Delayed

When I started the 5K training, I promised myself I wouldn't let anything get in my way, but alas a double ear infection with a sinus infection allows me to proudly say I am benched until I heal a little and don't get dizzy when I walk! Not something I'm happy about, but it does explain why I was so tired last week and it also explains why I am taking it easy this week and not doing anything extra right now. Yesterday I was grounded in bed all day. I slept all day and have been in pain with the dual infection. My ears hurt and I wish I could take some ibuprofen - but that is not okay with the new tummy. Here I am laying in bed, hanging out with my kindle, and enjoying a nice dose of anti-biotics ( yay pink liquid) and midol because aspirin isn't doing much either these days.

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