Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend in Review

This past weekend was a total blast. It was so nice to have our first visitor to our home in TX! It was also so nice to see a my super dear friend Mandy. I love her so much. I haven't actually seen her in person since 2008 and it was a great fun reuinion of hanging out, girl talk, trying on clothes, wedding dress shopping, and just being near someone I love dearly!

Mandy is just what I need in my life. I've been feeling really blah lately and I've been dreading having to go clothes shopping soon because I just haven't been able to get up the gusto to try clothes on in stores that I want to wear. It might be the scared of number thing, it might be just scared clothes won't fit thing....but regardless I'll window shop for hours and never step in to try things on, this is where Mandy intervenes. First, she has fashion sense, second, she doesn't let me say no, and finally she is totally honest and caring. So here we are window shopping at the mall and we head into the Limited. I've walked in there before and been overwhelmed with options. I've bought jewlery there...but never even imagined clothes on me. So we look around, see some options I try to back out and voila' I end up in the dressing room trying on clothes. Not such a bad experience afterall. I can fit in a size L The Limited dress. I can fit in a size L The Limited shirt too! Now, I know that I will have to try everything on and it is ok that some things don't fit me. I have a good problem that my chest "area" hasn't lost much weight post surgery which I was told is a good "issue" to have, but other than that clothes can fit me there and can fit me well! I tried on styles I've never been in before, and have some potentials clothing pieces to develop a wardrobe.

Shopping part two allowed me to try on some other shops, dresses, and shirts. I found that I am a little scared of dresses - at least showing my knees, but I was confirmed, that I can fit in those clothes and dresses and that showing my knees wouldn't be a bad thing! Just got to get used to them - again I think this is going to be a re-trian of the brain as I am learning what my new body needs and not see what the old body wants. At the end of the day, good news - I'm ready to purchase some new clothes....just have to figure out what I'm going to buy! I'm also not so scared to ask for help in the store, am armed with some guidelines to look for in clothing, and know that in the end I might have to have things tailored but now I feel atleast I can try on clothes and go into stores that I've wanted to purchase from without so much fear.

It was so nice to be able to show my friend why I love TX so much! I showed here around TCU, exposed her to the Horn Frog (she got to rub his nose for luck!), and was able to share some cool TX culture with a trip to the Stockyards. We even hit up the arts festival downtown and saw the "Walker Texas Ranger" building! It was a gorgeous weekend in TX and the weather was superb. Even though I got a little sun, it was nice with a light breeze. We went on a tour of the stockyards, walked up and down the row, and then walked about a .6 of a mile to Joe T Garcias for some super yummy authentic Tex Mex. Yes, you read that right, I voluntarily walked a whole bunch. It felt great...I wasn't sore...and it was a great kick off to walking for the 5k! I wish I had a pedometer to count my steps on saturday.

On Sunday, Mandy and I along with the hubs took a trip to Alred Angelo Bridal. I got my first taste of trying on bridal things in this new body. It was a fabulous experience and don't worry my husband was a wanted addition to the day. I'm not showing him the dress I will ultimately end up in but I wanted the most important person in my life to be there and so he came! My bridal consultant Angel was fabulous! I mean really...Mandy and I had a blast with her. She listened to me and my story. She understood where I was coming from and picked dresses and helped me find a shape, cut, style, and color things that I liked. It was a true process of elmination, but one that I needed. I was trying non-plus size gowns on and I even got into a 36 D bra! That was huge...look out victoria's secret I'm coming! That is what I thought a bridal consultation was supposed to be like and I can't wait to go back for my next appt.! Seriously...who would of thought.

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