Thursday, April 5, 2012

Me-Ality & Reality

I was at the mall last week walking around with my husband on a saturday afternoon and I saw this booth. It was a clear box with a scanner. Honestly, it looked like something you would see at the airport security line, but I was intrigued. I inquired what it was because Me-Ality didn't help me define it. Me-Ality is a scanning system that scans your entire body and shows you from jeans to bras what designs fit your body the best. It looks at all of the stores in the mall where you are shopping and provides you handout with size, color, locations, name of brand, pricing, and what will look best on you. I got a reading for my jean size at the booth, but had an online shopping cart and portal created to look at other brands, more options, and to be able to update my stats. All for FREE!

Now something like this might not appeal to the average person, but for me and my ever adapting body I thought heck why not. I can use all the help I can get so I'm not freaking out with each an every trip to the store. I figured if nothing else it would give me a place to start. I was skeptical once I had the scan so I thought I would try it out. I first went and looked at the jeans in the top 5 five best fit. I walked into the store and went to the jeans rack, picked out the size and style and tried it on. IT FIT! Then I went to the next store and handed them my form with a scan bar. The associate scanned it and picked out a number of jean that came out on their end. They FIT!!!! Now I'm picky on how things fit and I would need more than one session to purchase things because remember WLS patients bodies aren't perfect and I wanted to shop around price etc, but I'm sold on this system. It is awesome.

The online portal is also handy. You can print a number of items to take to the store to get instant help and there is a large selection being added daily and will be customized to me. I was very impressed with the people running the scan (aka they were friendly, explained it, had used it, and were not all a size 2) and I was also really pleased with how easy the portal was to use. I'm planning on using it, uploading suggest pics etc. I think overall it has taken some of the guess work out of where to start with fit for my clothes and that = less anxiety for me! Success and win win situation all around.

So I've had my virtual tour and here is for my reality check - Life is good. Life can always be better, but I've been spending alot of time on cleaning up things, getting things done, and working on perspective. Taking off the weight can only do so much and I have to do my part. Yes, I'm ready self help stuff and Yes, it is working. I need something more than traditional "re-framing" and goal setting. I want more...I'm hungry to have a better life, a better marriage, a better and more managable stress load. It has to start somewhere right. So right now I'm gathering things to make me feel better. I'm doing things to make me feel better. I'm acting on things. First step - getting things done. I've spent this week sending out doctors letter, making appointments, sending off tax forms, and doing loan paperwork for the hubby. It feels so good to mark things off my list, but it also feels excellent to get things done. I've got tomorrow off and I'm going to allow myself to have a day off ( minus blood work, but that is easy!) I'm going to enjoy organizing items, getting my bills and paperwork all put into place and shredded, and watching lots of bad daytime tv or some good movies...we'll see. I'm also going to spend some time crafting! I need it...yay for days off...another perk at working at the job I love and it being private :-)


  1. I think I may have seen one of those scanners at the mall a few weeks ago.. But I of course just walked by it because I had no idea what it was for!! Lol. It sounds awesome! Next time I hope it is still there! And I love your reality part! I need to organize my house as well as my life!!

  2. I guess I'm to the point where if I'm on track and working through to meet goals in the WLS world why can't I make my whole life over cause wasn't WLS a life make over essentially? I know that organization will make less anxious and maybe through some organizing and ridding myself of extra "junk" that will help me, my life, my stress level - at least that is the theory!