Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Moments in Life

I cherish moments daily. I'm truly what you would call a "sappy" girl who enjoys special times and the little things. I now know it is because signifigance is a huge trait of mine (thank you to strengthsquest!) I'm learned over the last 6 months to embrace my strengths not fight them, for they are part of me. My strengths can help and hinder me, but to embrace them is to use every tool in my toolbox to beat the bulge.

My top 5 strengths are learner, belief, ideation, input, and signifigance. Each of these work together to make me innately me in a dominant way and I truly love that idea! I've had tools all along that I haven't been using to their full potentional. Step 1 - find traits. Step 2 - LEARN! yep, I'm in the learning stage and loving it.

I can apply my strengths to so many areas, why not weight loss! So thinking on this line, I've embraced my strenghts with my WLS life post surgery. I've taken time to LEARN, I'm already a BELIEver ( but I've found out why I'm convicted about certain aspects of my life post surgery), I have had to become creative and use my IDEATION to embrace this new life - from couponing, shopping, sewing clothes, and everything in between so my life is "normal", I've INPUT tons of information to memory, learning, and knowing more about me and the new me, but I've made this journey SIGNIFICANT because it is in so many ways.

I've posted a couple of times about significant things that have happened or my "bucket" list since WLS, but I haven't truly allowed it to be as signifigant as it should be and that seemed odd to me. It hit me the other day when I was searching for fun dates to do with my husband. I found this amazing site with great advice, freebies, and printables, and they had this idea for a bucket list date. I won't go into more detail since I want to have the date with my husband, but I thought why can't I do that for me! I should be celebrating all of these new things more -why?!?!?! - because I can! I can do so much more and though it won't be a celebration with ice cream and should be celebrated and noted for the future...a memory...a picture..a ticket stub. So I'm embracing it and embarking on the journey of mulling over my journey, journal, and dates to make an awesome timeline for me to remember this crazy change.

Moments in life are truly special. I don't want to forget them. I know that no matter if I'm poor or rich or here or there I can remember special moments. No money required. Making memories....I'm continuing this today!

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