Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Deconstructed Salad

I've been craving salad lately. It might because it is summer and salads sounds so might also be me wanting something I can't have aka - lettuce. Yes, this WLS patient can't have lettuce. I've slipped in a piece of shredded lettuce before and it was torture. Compelte and utter torture. I'm not supposed to have it per my surgeon for awhile longer (each surgeon has different views on different foods) but more me leafy crunchy things area no go. So yesterday at lunch I created my deconstructed salad. I got all my trimmings and veggies, put some delicious raspbery vinagrette on it and added some yummy grilled chicken. Voila! Salad...minus lettuce. It was quite delicious and it hit the spot quite nicely and now I'm craving more so you know what I'm having for lunch today? You guessed it - deconstructed salad. I don't know why I hadn't thought of this before, but hey...I found it and I'm in love!

Last night while surfing on the pinterest, my new additicion/love, I found a new smoothie I tried. It was super yummy I only had a taste last night, but drank it on the way to work this morning. Here is the link to the yummy smoothie that is in my belly!  Be warned the orginal recipe is HUGE!!! I altered the original recipe a little and this morning when I remixed it in my magic bullet I put in a little splenda for some extra sweetness, but it tasted like liquid pumpkin pie (even my husband said it smelled like it and he doesn't do pumpkin)! I adore pumpkin pie and all things pumpkin. I utilize canned pumpkin in so many ways in my diet so I had a can in the cubbard and I'm on smoothie kick so this was my new whirl. One thing I really like about it was the texture - i enjoyed the cooked oatmeal in it ALOT!!!! I had some extra left over so I popped it in the fridge and I'm going to make a banana oatmeal smoothie later this week.

I'm getting to make some alterations to the diet to help lower calories. I'm going to switch myself down in the milk percentage. We've been buying 2% or 1% since we cook with milk and it has been easier to have something my hubs will actually cook with and use in SF pudding we both love, but I think I'm going to move myself to 1% permanentaly and make my way back down to skim to cut fat. This will mean buying smaller milk batches, but I'm ready to make the jump and still get the protein and keep him happy. I've gone to light butter or margarine and I'm already into no sugar cooking and no sugar additives. I need to find a substitute for powder sugar which I have seen recipes to pulverize stevia or truvia in the raw, but I'm going to have to do some more research on that, but I've come to the conclusion that when I do actually indulge I use some things like heavy cream to make my own whipped cream (SF ofcourse) because everyone is allowed to have a dollup now and then right!

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  1. That salad Sounds yummy!! Sometimes I just need a salad too! And sometimes it has minimal lettuce because I want all of the toppings! Way to be creative and find something you can enjoy!!
    I need to work on my soothie making skills, I've pretty much given up, because I suck at them. They turn out too frothy and blah!!'