Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Poor Hair

It is so hard to feel good in your body and enjoy the progress your making (for me right now it is inches going bye bye) but it is so frustrating to feel like the hair on your head is a frizzy, dishevled mass of a mess. I am taking a supplement, I am washing with special shampoo, but the frizz and the small "baby" hairs of undergrowth is a frizzy, tangly, and frankly a mess looking. So I've gone a searching for something to help it. I don't want a product that will create build up. I don't want a synthetic. I wanted something to moisturize the hair, help smooth it out, and hopefully make me feel pretty. I've been researching this for a couple of weeks, but I finally made a decision on what I'm going to try in addition to the shampoo and conditioner from nioxin and my biotin supplement. I'm going to add moroccan oil to the mix. I've found that alot of my WLS friends have the frizzy hair issue and to combat it there are many remedies out there, but I'm not forcing the hair growth issue as I've got a fair amount growing back and my hair dresser is happy with it as well - but the frizz has to go! So I broke down and order some on amazon today. I had a gift card so for $.49 out of pocket I'll have moroccan oil to put into my hair after shower before blow dry. All of the research I've done has it leaving your hair moisturized, helps smooth it out, and many of my WLS friends have stated that it makes their hair look better while they are going through the growing back in phase. Deep breathes...I can make it through this season without looking like a puff ball!

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