Monday, January 23, 2012

Trying Some New Things

Now that both of the Bettis' have jobs and we work opposite schedules, I need something to do that keeps me active, out of the house, and getting connected to my new surroundings. Now at first I would of jumped into school and there is still a plan for that, but not right now. I'm giving myself at least another 6 months of rest, but what to do with my time? I've already added exercise into the plan, but I want something a little more social and little more fun so I came up with a few ideas : take art classes, joined a book club, got connected with some meet up groups, and then I found something tonight that made me feel - well EXCITED! I've been cooking a lot lately and have been learning to cook from recipes, but I've never taken a cooking class. I was on the search for balsamic vinegar reviews and a friend directed me to Central Market. On their site they have cooking classes and it totally got me stoked. Hubs didn't sound so excited so I thought - this is going on my goal list. I want to learn some techniques and recipes. It can only make me better right! Now..just to do it!

Work Life Balance

Work and life balancing has been something I've struggled with for a long time. Taking on this new job and having my work life separated from my home life has been amazing. Don't get me wrong free rent was awesome, but the stress on my body wasn't. Making this change has really helped me focus on work when I'm at work and on home when I'm at home. That balance has become almost automatic, but now I'm in the midst of struggling with home life balance - what does it mean between juggling husband, house, and health. I want to do alot, but need to learn to pace myself. I get into these avenues when all I do is want to clean, or do dishes, or do nothing. I need to have a plan of attack and until now I haven't been able to manage my household like I have wanted to so it is something I need to look at seriously.

I figure that having a healthy and happy home isn't much different than goal setting and working toward others things in my life like weight loss and career, but I just have never done it. As I was sitting on my lunch hour today researching a topic for a conference proposal, a light bulb went on - why can't I "chart" life at home out like I would anything else. I also realized that cleaning, working, and moving things around the apt will count towards my overall daily moving and grooving - so cleaning can help working out efforts. Now I was really motivated to figure this out. I took out my notepad and came out with a structure to be productive, feel good about my home, manage my life and feel balanced.

What is balance to you? What do you do to balance being a wife and a career woman? Any tips of the trade that work for you?

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  1. I have found that having a chore plan TOTALLY helps me stay sane around here. Each day (Monday-Friday) has a "zone" that I have to get done. If I get it done, I can relax and play or craft or sew or whatever. If I don't, it is added to the next day. I have bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry, living areas, and kitchen as my 5 zones, but use whatever works for you. Once I did this, I felt like I could let go of a lot of the crazy inside my head :)