Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thankful Thursday

There are weeks when it is harder to find things that you are thankful for when life gets in the way, but I am dedicated to thinking on things and realizing what I have to keep me moving. Work was crazy this week with the first week of class. It felt so good to get in and dig my feet into my new job, but when it got busy I had to take a few minutes to jog down notes in my everything journey versus having time to blog. So I'm catching up!

Thankful Thursday - this week has been one where I feel like all I've done is struggle, so I had to search deep through emotional stuffs that were sitting in front of me and blocking my perspective.
1. I am thankful for both my husband and I have a job. In this economy it is not easy to find work that pays well, but we are fortunate enough to be a two person income family and to have jobs in our chosen field.
2. I am thankful that I work in a field that is focused on getting people through "life" and that whether there are easy or hard decisions, that I am able to be apart of someone's story...
3.I am thankful that my Dad was not a "helicopter" parent during college. I am so glad he was there to advise me, push me, and tell me his opinion, but that he let me call the shots, find the path, and go for things. I am so thankful I learned to do things for myself because it helped me become independent, own my education, and not rely on him. I am more thankful about this now than EVER!

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