Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thankful Thursday (a day early)

I have alot to be thankful for already in 2012. So being in a positive mood today while sitting in my office I thought I would post my thankful thursday post a day early this week. In working towards my own goals, I have read many places about making a concious effort to be thankful for the blessings you have and that by recongnizing the smallest things will bring a greater joy to your life overall. I had never thought about being intentional in this way before (though it completely makes sense) so I thought why not add it to my blogging regime! So here is my first of many thankful thursday posts to come!

What am I thankful for right now in my life?
1. I am thankful to have a career I love.
2. I am thankful to have an amazing husband that stands not only beside me, but behind me to push me toward my dreams.
3. I am thankful for intellect and the ability to dig for knowledge and truth.
4. I am thankful that I was overweight for a majority of my life; I believe it shaped me in ways that no other experience in my life could have ever done.

I am happy to report that I'm feeling good and being consistent for the last few days in taking vitamins, tracking food, and watching portions. As I am adding things back in over the next few weeks, I am confident that I can get back on the track prior to the anxiety flare and back to my old self. I am already feeling the overall change in my body and my mental health. My anxiety level has dropped significantly. Prior to moving it was at an all time high. On a scale from 1-20 it was a 20+. Today I would rate my anxiety at a 5. Pretty significant huh? Actually today I didn't even realize I got busy at work and skipped my morning dose of meds, though I don't like to do that at all and ended up taking it later in the day - it surprised me! Along with my anxiety level, I am also seeing positive change in my sleeping habits. I am able to sleep throughout the night alot easier and I am learning that I don't need as much sleep meds as I once did. All in all I'm thankful for the improvement.

In the next week I need to add into my vitamin schedule biotine (for hair thinning) and my D3 with my calcium since I'm still not spending alot of time out doors just yet, but hoping for that to change soon! Well that is all for today.

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