Sunday, January 8, 2012

evolving in a new environment week one

this week has been a week of change and a week of adaptation to a new work work and new schedule. overall it has been very refreshing! i needed the change in hours, in schedule, and in me time. i'm still in the adaptation phase, but i think the first week went really well. over the last week i've gotten back on schedule with my vitamins and have kept it up through the weekend. my liquid consumption has gone through the roof and i'm super excited about that. today i wasn't so great on the liquid intake, and i felt it. dehydration does not feel good at all - so liquid is the focus of the night. the other adaptation that has gone well as been packaging and portioning my food each day. when i worked in housing, i seemed to either graze alot or not eat - both of which aren't ideal so i've been able to really focus on what i'm eating, when, and the size of it. i've found a rhythm to manage the vitamin intake, liquid, eating and feeling full. i'm eating healthier - yogurt or egg scramble with quinoa for breakfast, carrots or grapes and cheese as a snack, protein first lunches like chili, chicken bbq with blue cheese, or tuna. i'm feeling good and looking to keep up this new system this week with work.

today was all about prep for the week. i made some chicken pot pie minus the pot pie part! it turned out delish and i'm excited to eat it for lunch tomorrow - i added my left over carrots from last week, some squash, and through in some broccoli. it smelled wonderful in the crockpot and i'm pretty with it! i found some new recipes i'm going to conquer this week like quinoa black bean burgers and mashed "potato" cauliflower! i've been itching for some mashed potatoes, but i know there is a healthier option - so i found some recipes to see if i can feed my itch with out taking in a ton of carbs and calories that i don't need.

one of the things i've been doing is food tracking. i've been using myfitnesspal - but here is the problem on one had i found it was helpful to see what i was consuming but on the other hand it was making me anxious with numbers and seeing things (even though good) were haunting me. so after talking to my husband, i'm going to use the tracker as a guide to keep me on track, but try to not focus on the numbers. they are making me anxious and not ok with the progress i'm making. so i am going to try to use it for another week and see how i feel on friday. if it freaks me out again, i'm going to tracking with pen and paper and not with a database where i see numbers that i don't need to focus on per the nutritionist.

i don't know why numbers haunt me, but the do - they really make me shake in my boots. they make me re-think and re-feel things i don't want to go back to and i hate that. so i have to tackle it once again and see if i can conquer it and really make peace with the fact that when i'm seeing numbers and patterns that i don't freak out and it doesn't kick me off track. something to think about and work on.

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