Friday, January 13, 2012

Perspective : Gaining and Changing

Thankful Thursday Post

1. I am thankful for true friendships – Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting with a dear friend for lunch. I haven’t seen him in years, and it was so good to just be in his presence. He has always been a man that could inspire me and we have kept in touch while I was being a gypsy around the US! Working with him has always been a highlight for me over the last decade and yesterday it was so nice to have a conversation like we were the “adults” and talk about our passion, our families, and where we are now. We are living our dream! So cool 

2. I am thankful for the understanding of my husband – I realized this week in a total moment of clarity at how thankful I am for his understanding of me, my life, and my dreams. I am in awe of where he is willing to go and what he has been willing to do for me to make me happy. It is moments like these that blow me away when I see, feel, and hear his unconditional love for me.

3. I am thankful for peace – In this new chapter of my life I have been privileged to have a great amount of peace given to me. I have peace to sleep. I have peace of comfort in my job. I have peace in becoming successful in a career that I love. I have peace that TX was a good move both for myself and my husband and I have peace that life is looking up (though anxiety sometimes get in the way of monumental occasions!)

4. I am thankful to be an educator – I’ve had the privilege of sharing my WLS journey this week with new colleagues and old friends. I’m so glad that I have the opportunity to shed light on the journey outside of my blog. I hope that those that hear my story can share words of support for anyone on a weight loss journey because the lifestyle to be healthy is not an easy one.

This week has been a really good week. I haven’t been perfect on my diet, but again I’m not perfect, but I made huge strives this week and I will keep trying because life is not all black or white there are beautiful shades of gray and I want to enjoy the gray areas of life! Re-framing is a process just like WLS and I can’t expect things to happen overnight.

I feel like there is this ebb and flow in transformation. There are day when things are clear and there are days when things are fuzzy. When they are fuzzy and not falling into place I struggle and then there are days when I just “get” things and my brain is caught up geared in for the journey of making changes. Who would have ever thought that “rewriting your hard drive” would be this difficult! I sure didn’t, but in the end looking back it is so neat to gain perspective. I watched soul surfer last weekend and it was truly and inspiring movie. One thing that I took from it was the thought of perspective. “It’s hard to look at things that are too close.” - Those are the words of Hamilton’s Youth Minister Sarah Hill played by Carrie Underwood. Often we don’t understand why we face the struggles in our life. We only understand them with perspective that comes with time. “That is so true and if we don’t catalogue and examine ourselves, the experiences we go through, and the life we live how can we know when we need to “gain perspective” or “change perspective.”

For me this past year has been about both gaining and changing. I’m still doing both, but at a much slower pace though I’m going through a huge morphing till this day. I’m glad that I’m always being re-defined and made better and even though it is extremely uncomfortable it allows me to grow up and become that wise educator that I feel as if I am becoming.

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