Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Feeling Good...Can't Wait for the Weekend

It's been over a week and I'm feeling good. Life has found a pattern and I'm physically feeling better. I feel "lighter" and that might be because I've taken a large majority of the crap out of my diet and am back on track. I am also hydrated again and that makes a world of difference. I really can tell how I feel now that I'm drinking 8+ glasses of liquid a day. Not only do I feel refreshed but I also feel revived with drinking what I should in combination with increasing my protein. So one big YAY for liquids and lowering carbs. Two big YAYs for portion control. I'm really happy with myself. I am also excited that I'm also moving more and walking more. Though I haven't made it to the Rec as much as I wanted, I am walking around campus and getting atleast 30 min in a day which I can feel the difference. We'll see how I can see the difference in time.

Now is on to phase 2. I'm adding in Biotin tomorrow for additional vitamins and I have a flow and rhythm in taking my vitamins so it makes the most sense to take this one around lunch and I'm starting this tomorrow. We'll see how it goes for the next week and then I have two more supplements to add to complete this transformation. The D3 is easy to add to increase my intake in addition to the D3 I get in my calcium supplement, but the B12 is still stumping me. I've thought about going back to the supplement style I took right after surgery because from my notes and comparisons, it did not cause the same impact on my anxiety, and was a smaller dose. From my labs I don't need the super concentrated B12 with my levels, so I'm going to purchase that through my online retailer and start again. I'm not too too worried about my B12 as it was at normal levels from eating right and intaking B12 in other forms so for right now I can hang in there till it comes in the mail.

Over this week I've been "reframing" how I think about the myfitnesspal food tracker. I'm using it as a guide and not as a way to berate myself and make myself feel bad. So far I am thinking good things about it and realizing where I can make smart changes. It makes me feel good that every once in a while I can have a biscuit or a piece of chocolate and not feel like a failure. I'm tracking, thinking, and portioning. I'm packing my breakfast, lunch, and snacks and limiting my spending and controlling my food in a healthy way. I want to wiggle with excitement because in the battle of the bulge this is a huge step for me. I hope to make it permanent...time will tell. Rebuilding a relationship with food is not easy but it is rewarding.

One thing I'm loving is managing my healthy relationship with food. I love cooking and now that I have a new stove in the apt and a dishwasher my life is much easier. One I can cook, bake, and make delicious yummy foods and make my life easier to clean up. I hate to clean dishes, but I'm loving my dishwasher because I can pack my lunches, portion out my food, freeze food, and rotate in and out items and do dishes daily! I love love love it. Can I tell you how much I love it! Well...I do because it makes cooking simple. It makes my kitchen stay much cleaner, and it makes a happy husband especially when I get creative and try recipes.

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